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Cryptocurrency News Site For Sale in the Bitcoin Niche

This news website delivers up-to-date content related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It has a strong emphasis on Bitcoin, and its articles range from commentary to investing tips. With over 100,000 monthly visitors, this platform generates ad revenue and serves as an attractive advertising platform for those in the cryptocurrency sector, and those in any related verticals. Major players in the industry are beginning to see the benefits of blockchain technology, and this platform is positioned to maintain its position as a go-to source of news.


This news website’s business model is relatively low-maintenance and streamlined. It requires minimal daily oversight, and content contributors, affiliates, and advertisers are already configured. The platform has become well-respected and widely known in the industry thanks to its quality content, and it is now primed for growth under new management.

The website isn’t reliant on any supply chains or logistical operations aside from input from remote writers worldwide.


As a largely advertising-driven platform, marketing efforts involve building an audience and retaining traffic. Commercial partnerships with other businesses and influencers in the cryptocurrency space could expand readership.

Partnerships with key players in the cryptocurrency industry could expand readership and revenue. Active engagement on social media could also help to foster a stronger community and grow readership over time.

With over 100,000 visitors per month landing on the website, and growing, this business has achieved profitability through advertising agreements.

The platform caters to those who are focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, including miners, buyers, and those interested in investing.


The business is run by a single employee.


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are hot topics in the financial technology industry. Businesses, governments, and individuals around the world are paying increased attention to the potential of blockchains to transform industries beyond just finance. For instance, supply chain management, health care, and agriculture industries can all leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.


This news website has plenty of growth potential, from expanding into new topics and streamlining content creation processes to building more active social media channels to grow readership. Other potential directions include marketing to attract new commercial partnerships and the development of web or mobile application versions of the site.

Asking Price: $575,000
Gross Income: $278,800
Cash Flow: $249,743
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 1

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