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Luxury Automotive Lifestyle Brand with Over 1 Million Followers and Subscription-Based Revenue

This eCommerce brand specializes in automotive lifestyle apparel and accessories. With a dedicated following of over 1 million Instagram followers, the company has established a strong presence in the industry. They have also partnered with the popular animated series Yu-Gi-Oh for a licensing deal, further expanding their product offerings. The company relies on a subscription-based revenue model, with a 40% repeat customer rate.


The company offers a wide range of apparel items, including hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts, and more. They also sell car-related products such as backpacks, keychains, and car floor mats. The company has a solid supply chain and logistics system, utilizing a 3PL warehouse for order fulfillment. They ship approximately 100 orders per day and maintain inventory worth over $200,000. Their sales extend beyond the US, reaching customers in Canada, the UK, and Australia.

The company has a strong supply chain and logistics system in place. They partner with suppliers for print-on-demand apparel items, which allows them to offer a wide range of designs. They utilize a 3PL warehouse for order fulfillment and consistently maintain inventory worth over $200,000. Their shipping process is efficient, allowing them to ship approximately 100 orders per day.


The company has effectively utilized social media, particularly Instagram, to promote their brand and engage with their audience. They have over 1 million followers on Instagram and post twice a day to maintain engagement. Additionally, they run PPC ads on Facebook and have an affiliate program in place. Their marketing efforts also extend to email marketing with a subscriber base of over 75,000 and SMS text messaging to over 25,000 recipients.

The company has experienced steady growth in sales due to its effective marketing strategies and strong customer base. Their revenue significantly increases during the summer months and around the Black Friday holiday. Additionally, their subscription services on the app contribute to their sales growth, with 10,000 subscribers receiving push notifications three times a week.

Key metrics for this company include their 40% repeat customer rate, over 1 million social media followers, 30% of sales coming from clothing mystery boxes, and a subscription-based revenue model with 10,000 subscribers. They also have a solid international reach, with sales in Canada, the UK, and Australia.

The company has a diverse customer base that includes anime enthusiasts and car enthusiasts. Many of their customers are fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh animated series, which is reflected in their licensed products. Their apparel items appeal to a range of individuals who are interested in automotive culture and unique clothing designs. They have built a strong reputation within the car community and have a loyal customer base with a 40% repeat customer rate.


The company currently has three full-time employees who manage daily operations. These employees include a marketing manager, production manager, and customer service manager. The current ownership works 20 hours per week and focuses on tasks such as product development and employee management.


The company operates in the automotive lifestyle apparel sector, which is a niche industry within the broader apparel industry. This industry focuses on providing clothing and accessories for car enthusiasts and those interested in automotive culture. Examples of other companies in this industry include automotive-themed clothing brands such as JDMbrand, Hoodride Clothing, and Tuned in Tokyo. The industry has experienced significant growth due to the popularity of car culture and the rise of social media-driven fashion trends.


There are several scale opportunities for this eCommerce brand. They can expand their product line further by introducing new apparel designs and accessories. They can also explore collaborations with other popular brands or develop licensing deals with additional animated series or car-related brands. Additionally, they can focus on expanding their international reach and targeting new customer segments within the automotive and anime communities.

Asking Price: $1,500,000
Gross Income: $3,874,233
Cash Flow: $490,704
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 3

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