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B2B Lead Generation Firm: 49% YOY Growth with Recurring Revenue Model & 100% Organic Website Traffic

This company is a B2B lead generation firm specializing in customized campaigns to target prospective customers. The experienced team brings expertise and resources to execute custom strategies effective for each client. The firm’s revenue is built through generating leads and selling them at a fixed cost, working on a retainer basis, and working on a hybrid retainer and success fee basis. The company has strong margins, 49% YOY growth, and has seen an increase in 100% organic website traffic.


The company’s process involves strategizing, targeting prospects, and ensuring leads flow smoothly. The campaigns are continuously optimized to increase the volume and quality of leads. They deliver their leads in real-time giving clients the edge of immediate connection and can optimize delivery through multiple options, including email, text message, or CRM integration. The team utilizes various strategies to customize campaigns, including driving traffic to clients’ websites through search engine optimization, leveraging social media, gaining exposure in the media, and email marketing.

This firm is mainly service-based and relies on efficient delivery of their results through optimizing campaigns and having a strong team.


The experienced team has expertise in developing the right strategies for each brand, amplifying reach, and driving a lucrative flow of social-referral traffic back to the client’s website. Email marketing is a valuable component of drip marketing campaigns to help nurture existing prospects. Through strategic telesales management, the team engages new prospects while landing pages maximize the effectiveness of email campaigns.

The sales channels include delivery by email, text message, or CRM integration, among others. The company also utilizes various platforms like Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn to gain mass exposure to precisely targeted audiences.

The key metrics include organic website traffic, lead volume, ad spending, and margins. Revenue is generated through lead generation and selling them at a fixed cost, working on a retainer basis, and working on a hybrid retainer and success fee basis.

This firm serves B2B clients who seek assistance in optimizing their leads generation process


The owner works only two to three hours weekly on the business. His primary tasks include reviewing ad spending, margins, and lead volume to scale. Two additional employees work in customer service.


The digital marketing industry is continuing to grow with online marketing strategies becoming increasingly popular and important for businesses. Companies are looking to increase their online presence and visibility through various digital marketing strategies. Examples of digital marketing strategies include social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing.


The company is positioned for continued growth through scaling their operations. They can expand their marketing strategies through new approaches like YouTube, influencer marketing, and podcast marketing to expand their client base. They can also creating new service offerings.

Asking Price: $6,000,000
Gross Income: $4,655,544
Cash Flow: $1,103,152
Year Established: 2017
Employees: 2

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