unique personalized prints and custom frames

Custom Artwork Brand with Proven SBA Pre-Qualification for Sale: DTC, Wholesale Channels, Shopify & Walmart Stores

This eCommerce brand specializes in the custom artwork segment and has been in operation for 22 years. With more than 100 unique personalized prints and custom frames, this business has a strong reputation for high quality artwork. The company operates in both the DTC and wholesale channels through custom configurator platforms like Shopify and Walmart Stores, serving markets both in the US and beyond. With a unique place in the online art world and very little competition for their proprietary and copyright protected products, the brand has become a powerful player in the industry.


The company’s custom-developed configurator platforms allow customers to pick and choose from custom art designs, as well as create their own artwork. The majority of their sales come from direct-to-consumer and wholesale channels, with high demand for custom artwork for giftable occasions like graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas.

The brand has a large team that includes a full-time creative lead, customer manager, customer service manager, warehouse manager, production manager, and shipping supervisor. They keep 4-6 months’ worth of inventory at all times to keep up with demand, processing customer orders and creating products on demand.


The company relies on a mix of PPC and social media ads, SEO, content creation, and email marketing to drive sales. They have a broad reach, with 49.8% of their sales coming from Amazon, 34.5% through the internet, and the remainder through wholesale.

The company operates in both DTC and B2B sales channels with Amazon, Etsy, and the company’s website making up 34.5% of sales while wholesale makes up 16% of sales. They are currently adding Walmart to their online sales channels and have become particularly appealing to the gift market.

The company has strong metrics with an AOV of $87.50 for their DTC sales and $29.20 for wholesale. Currently offering thousands of individual SKUs on their website and 220+ parent level products on Amazon. The company’s B2B sales continue to thrive.

The company has a large customer base with a focus on gift giving. They have received 15,000+ 5 Star reviews and have an email database of 190,000+ subscribers, 95% of whom have made purchases from the company.


The company has grown tremendously since it was initially launched as a wholesale business, now with a team of 17 employees


The global art market was valued at $65.1 billion in 2021, recovering sharply from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Online sales of artwork have been gaining momentum and the industry is moving towards online sales channels. The unique online business offers more than 100 personalized artwork designs, with a wide variety of subject matter and artistic styles. The business aims to serve niche markets within the art industry including custom artwork for giftable occasions, which is still largely dominated by offline retailers.


There are multiple scale opportunities for this company, including the utilization of bulk product wholesale requests from their retail partners, updating their website to improve the customer experience and expanding SKU’s to include complementary products. The company is already working on all three initiatives.

Asking Price: $3,400,000
Gross Income: $3,284,124
Cash Flow: $774,338
Year Established: 2000
Employees: 17

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