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Firearm Licensing Assistance: A Highly Scalable Business Opportunity

This turn-key eCommerce service provider offers Florida residents a painless and user-friendly portal through which to apply for and navigate the process necessary to obtain their Florida State Concealed Carry Permit. The service includes handling and processing forms and paperwork on behalf of the applicant, and a comprehensive guide walking the applicant through the process from start to finish. The value in this service is found in the elimination of red tape for the client, saving them from the bureaucratic and paperwork process of the license process. This overhead-free, highly specialized online service provider requires minimal overhead, with document prep times as low as five minutes per application.


As a service-based online business, there is no need for a supply chain or logistics system.


Marketing expenses go toward AdWords and Bing paid advertising, currently holding top ranking on all search results. Offering a variety of options, this company drafts all necessary state forms for everything from new license applications to renewals, with processed documents furnished directly to the client.

This business relies on highly effective PPC campaigns to drive traffic through Google and Bing. With exceptionally high margins and a bare minimum time investment required, this business is primed for expansion into other Shall-Issue states in the US, with rapid ROI almost guaranteed.

This business has enjoyed profitable growth since inception, with exceptionally high margins and a bare minimum time investment required for the ownership.

This business serves firearm owners and enthusiasts based in Florida who are interested in obtaining their Concealed Carry Permit.


The business only requires one employee, making this a perfect business for a single owner-operator.


This online business operates within the firearms industry and specifically within the space of licensing and permits. This industry is highly regulated and requires strict attention to detail to maintain compliance.


This business can expand into literally any other Shall-Issue state in the US, thereby scaling up the business. A focus on marketing to other states could further increase revenue and profitability.

Asking Price: $385,000
Gross Income: $275,700
Cash Flow: $133,200
Year Established: 2013
Employees: 1

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