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Generating Leads for Children’s Activity Centers: Performance Marketing and Lead Management for Gymnastics, Swimming, Martial Arts, and More

This B2B marketing agency specializes in lead generation, performance marketing, and lead management for children’s activity centers such as gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, and more. They operate in the United States and Canada and have a unique approach that includes personalized outreach and guaranteed enrollments for interested parents.


The agency offers 7 client packages that handle the heavy lifting of reaching out to interested parents through automated texting, email, and personal representatives. They also schedule trial classes and guarantee client enrollments. With a closing rate of 70%, their result-oriented approach sets them apart from competitors.

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The agency focuses on digital marketing, primarily using Facebook and Instagram advertising. They stand out by using cartoon-based ads instead of videos and high-quality photography. This approach allows for a templated product, reduces the need for specialized digital assets, and allows for control of the narrative.

The agency offers a trial week of services to attract clients, guaranteeing a minimum number of new students scheduled for classes. They have achieved a high conversion rate through this process and provide ongoing monthly services. The potential for growth lies in expanding target markets, exploring new marketing channels, and leveraging emerging platforms like TikTok.

The agency has approximately 50,000 moms on their contact list, providing a valuable resource for additional marketing or potential sales. They also track conversion rates, client satisfaction, and overall revenue to measure success and identify areas for improvement.

The agency’s customer base consists of children’s activity centers focused on gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, and related activities. They help centers reach and enroll students, making it easier for parents to find suitable classes for their children.


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The children’s activity center industry is experiencing growth and adaptation, especially in the post-pandemic landscape. This agency plays a crucial role in helping centers reach and enroll students, offering a scalable and result-oriented solution. Examples of activity centers include gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, and more.


The agency has the opportunity to expand into new target markets, such as educational preschools and alternative education models. They have tested this vertical and found a significant demand for their services. Additionally, exploring new marketing channels and expanding internationally can further drive growth.

Asking Price: $950,000
Gross Income: $549,381
Cash Flow: $245,601
Year Established: 2018
Employees: 8

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