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Ready-to-Go Publishing Business with Minimal Overhead Costs

This platform is a lucrative content-based blog/web publisher that has been a solid performer from the start. It operates as a streamlined, single-publisher platform with extremely low overhead requirements, making it a low maintenance, turn-key operation. The business has demonstrated steady growth and has plenty of additional room to grow and operate with low overhead.


The business is situated in the steady flow of content marketing and sponsored review programs, and maintains a database of about 3,000 businesses in this sector. It also maintains a good relationship with a top ad network and generates revenue from affiliate relationships. The recent website redesign and content audit have contributed to visible growth.

The supply and logistics for this online business primarily involve content creation, publishing, and distribution. It operates with low overhead and does not require physical product inventory.


The business has a strong presence on social media platforms, with over 105k Facebook followers and over 11k followers on Twitter. Engaging in active social media posting and backlinking activities can provide significant opportunities for pageview and revenue growth.

The main sales channel for this online business is through advertising revenue, affiliate programs, and sponsored review programs. With effective marketing strategies and engagement in social media and backlinking activities, there is potential for significant growth in pageviews and revenue.

Key metrics for this business include pageviews, engagement on social media, ad revenue, affiliate revenue, and sponsored review programs.

The customer base for this online business includes readers and visitors who are interested in the content provided. This can include individuals seeking information, entertainment, or solutions related to the niche or industry covered by the platform.


This business currently operates with a single employee managing all aspects of the platform. Additional human resources may be required to support growth and scale.


This online business operates in the web publishing industry. The industry is characterized by the creation and distribution of online content, including articles, blogs, and multimedia. Examples of web publishing platforms include news websites, blogs, and specialized content websites. The industry has experienced significant growth with the rise of digital media and the increasing demand for online content.


There are several scale opportunities for this online business, including expanding the content library, engaging in active social media posting and backlinking, implementing SEO strategies, and exploring new advertising and affiliate partnerships. These opportunities can lead to increased pageviews, engagement, and revenue.

Asking Price: $188,000
Gross Income: $70,650
Cash Flow: $67,267
Year Established: 2009
Employees: 1

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