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Multi-Branded Amazon FBA Ecommerce Retailer for Event Party Supplies and Kitchen Goods

The target is an eCommerce Retailer selling a laser-guided selection of private label SKUs under 2 in-house Brands via Amazon FBA. Products are offered in the Event & Party Supplies and the Kitchen Goods verticals. Thanks to these 2 verticals neatly straddling their respective seasonal peaks, the business enjoys reliably steady revenue streams year-round.


Enrolled in Amazon’s Transparency Program which minimizes competition and bars other sellers from selling similar products, 100% of the company’s revenue is generated by their 5 Star Seller Central Storefront, featuring 4-stars or above ratings on all individual products. Grown organically from the ground up with almost no paid advertising and no customer-facing website storefronts for the brands to complement and synergize with Amazon, this is a great opportunity to bolt-on to any number of cross-sold segments.

This Amazon FBA retailer is able to store and ship all products remotely from Amazon, eliminating the need for warehousing and simplifying the supply logistics process.


Currently realizing a highly desirable impulse-buy $18.99 average ticket, this Fulfilled by Amazon retailer stores and ships all products from Amazon remotely, meaning little workload is asked of ownership and no warehousing is required, making this company easy to transition into almost any hands, anywhere in the world.

The company has the opportunity to expand into additional platforms such as Wal-Mart, Jet, Etsy, Pinterest, and others to increase its sales channel and drive growth.

Built smartly on word of mouth, effective social presence and quality brand presentation, this Amazon Brand line has several immediate scale opportunities, such as expansion into additional platforms such as Wal-Mart, Jet, Etsy, Pinterest and others – as well as expanding its lineup with new items in the same verticals or any number of neighboring cross-sells, not to mention branching into international markets via Amazon. This acquisition includes an as-yet utilized domains for both brand names, is priced to sell, and will make for a high ROI opportunity in any number of sectors, regardless of skill level or background of new ownership.

The customer base of this eCommerce retailer consists of individuals and businesses interested in event and party supplies as well as kitchen goods.


The company is operated by 1 employee.


This eCommerce retailer operates in the event and party supplies as well as kitchen goods verticals. These verticals provide steady revenue streams throughout the year, as they align with their respective seasonal peaks. Examples of the industry include other eCommerce retailers specializing in event and party supplies or kitchen goods.


Some scale opportunities for this business include expanding into international markets via Amazon, adding new items in the same verticals or cross-selling with neighboring products, and utilizing the currently unused domains for both brand names.

Asking Price: $248,145
Gross Income: $302,956
Cash Flow: $82,715
Year Established: 2017
Employees: 1

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