Toys, Art Supplies

Multi-Category Online Retailer Offering Toys, Art Supplies, Home Fitness Equipment, Automotive Items, and Office Supplies

This eCommerce retailer specializes in selling proprietary products across five established brands in the Home Fitness, Toys, Art Supplies, Automotive, and Office categories. With over 120 SKUs and a 66% YoY growth rate, this company earns a 98% positive lifetime rating on Amazon. The company possesses numerous Amazon Choice and Best Seller tags and has limitless opportunities for scaling into selling platforms across different channels such as big-box stores or Fitness storefronts.


The company has an FBA shipping model working collaboratively with a third-party warehouse and shipping platform situated in Southern California. It operates several very profitable digital storefronts and maintains seller profiles on multiple Amazon international platforms, eBay and their branded sites.

The company employs an FBA shipping model, which is strategically combined with a third-party warehouse and shipping platform based in Southern California


Currently, the company only employs Amazon PPC adverts and a limited amount of email marketing. The company can further expand with the aid of social media marketing, paid and organic, which could be conducted across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

To achieve further growth, the company could expand selling platforms into channels such as while also engaging in further offerings in their verticals. Additionally, the company can be improved by employing extended marketing efforts such as paid media, SEO, and Google Ads.

The company’s success comes from its strategic business model coupled with a unique SKU line that only offers patented and proprietary products. The average order value is $23.66, and the company sees seasonal spikes during Q4 with a strong cash flow throughout the year. Fitness products, on the other hand, spike early in the year and over the summer months.

The business has a broad customer base that cuts across different niches, including Home Fitness, Toys, Art Supplies, Automotive, and Office. It has earned a 98% positive review lifetime rating on Amazon and continues to earn more reviews and ratings yearly.


The current owner spends 40 hours weekly managing the company. They oversee responsibilities such as inventing new products, creating Amazon lists, managing employees, designing packages, choosing to scale strategically and determine which growth and product opportunities to pursue. The company will need an additional manager to manage additional responsibilities if it grows.


The company operates in the e-commerce industry. It specializes in selling proprietary products under its five established brands. Its target audiences are Home Fitness, Toys, Art Supplies, Automotive and Office categories.


There are vast opportunities available to scale the company, some of which including expansion into fitness storefronts or big box stores. Additionally, the company can engage in extended marketing initiatives such as SEO, Google Advertising, and paid media while also getting active on social media across platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. The company’s vast emailing list would also serve as a perfect driver for scaling the company.

Asking Price: $4,500,000
Gross Income: $6,068,830
Cash Flow: $994,384
Year Established: 2006
Employees: 1

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