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Thriving Affiliate Marketing Management Company Offering Software as a Service – 2000 Affiliates!

A cutting edge marketing company that offers proprietary software solutions for effective growth through affiliate marketing. It carries an extensive contact database for 450+ advertisers and 2,000+ affiliates and aims to drive tremendous traffic and growth. It also offers an in-house software with many unique features, including automatic optimization throughout an active campaign.


The company is responsible for optimizing campaign performances, crafting new marketing plans for both clients and the company, managing employees, and coordinating freelancers. The current ownership spends 10-20 hours running and growing this company each week in tandem with 2 freelance list builders and 3 affiliate managers.

The company focuses on affiliate marketing management and does not have significant supply or logistics considerations.


Currently, the company engages its 80,000+ daily visitors through their website and email marketing. There are many opportunities to expand the company’s reach through email and data monetization, further developing future campaigns, affiliate expansion, and building out new comparison campaigns.

With its extensive contact database, there are many opportunities to expand the company’s reach through email and data monetization, further developing current initiatives, and affiliate expansion.

The company has a strong following along with strong potential. It delivers an average increase in qualified leads of 47% with an average daily growth rate of 1,000-4,000 visitors to the platform. With its automated and streamlined affiliate tracking software, the company has tremendous potential.

The company’s customer base includes 450+ advertisers and 2,000+ affiliates, who utilize the proprietary software solution to optimize campaign performances.


Currently, the company runs with 1 employee, and it works in tandem with a network of contractors, including 2 freelance list builders, 3 affiliate managers, and occasionally hires VAs as needed.


The company operates in the marketing industry, specifically in the affiliate marketing vertical. They help their clients achieve growth through affiliate marketing and offer a proprietary software solution to optimize campaign performances. Some notable examples of companies that operate in this industry include CJ Affiliate, Rakuten Advertising, and AWIN.


The company’s scale opportunities go beyond its current software solution offering by including email and data monetization, affiliate expansion, building out new comparison campaigns, and building out more financial, samples, and freebie type campaigns using the existing templates.

Asking Price: $375,000
Gross Income: $420,506
Cash Flow: $119,977
Year Established: 2017
Employees: 1

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