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Unlock the Possibilities of Personalized Jewelry with DNA-Based Design and a Large Social Following

This eCommerce brand is a highly personalized jewelry brand that creates customized jewelry pieces using DNA inclusions like breast milk to create unique rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The brand’s products are handmade, personalized, and emotional powerhouses for many of their customers who relate to the emotions around childhood and motherhood. The brand has a large social following on Facebook and Instagram and generates high margins with steady sales throughout the year.


The company operates entirely online, with its website being the only method for generating sales. Once an order is placed, the items are ordered from suppliers and then handcrafted before being shipped directly to the customer. The efficient and fully automated business requires just 20 hours per week of owner-time to operate. The brand runs PPC ads on Google, with social media and word-of-mouth publicity playing significant roles in generating traffic to the website.

The company’s jewelry items are ordered from suppliers and then handcrafted before being shipped directly to the customer. The company is in the midst of a major backend upgrade that will allow for real-time supplier orders, improving delivery time and customer satisfaction. As the company does not require a warehouse for inventory, it operates with great efficiency with just two owners handling ownership duties.


The brand runs PPC ads on Google and has a large following on Facebook and Instagram. The company’s social media pages are filled with testimonials from happy customers, describing the beauty of their jewelry and how it connects to their life experience. The company could launch a weekly email marketing campaign for promotions and upsells to its 10,000-customer database. A blog and SEO strategy could also be developed to optimize the website with keywords to boost search engine rankings.

The company operates solely online, and its website is the only driver of sales. The company could expand its sales by partnering with brick-and-mortar stores and wholesalers and exploring international expansion. The brand has already established a unique and emotional connection with its customers and has enormous potential for growth.

The company’s average order value is $336, with sales remaining steady throughout the year. The profit margin is 57%, and the repeat customer rate is 13% and rising. The company database has over 10,000 customers, and it receives an average of 10 customer service email inquiries each day. The company could expand its sales and customer base by adding non-custom options to its product range and launch a do-it-yourself kit that provides the chemical used to preserve milk for at-home customization.

The company demographic is nursing mothers and their partners or families. These customers have an emotional connection to the product and relate to the journey of nursing mothers and the hardships associated with breastfeeding. Customers are attracted to the personalized nature of the product and that each piece of customized jewelry is made from their DNA.


The company has no employees and just two owners who handle various tasks, including managing suppliers, quality inspection before shipping, and handling marketing and customer service. They pay a monthly flat fee for a contractor to address customer service inquiries on Facebook.


The jewelry industry is worth over $324 billion, with projections to grow to $500 billion by 2026. The customized jewelry industry is growing stronger as customers look for products that reflect themselves and what they care most about. This company’s personalized and unique products have achieved tremendous success with their target demographic of nursing mothers and their partners or families.


The company has enormous potential for scaling, including through wholesale B2B sales, international expansion, and partnering with brick-and-mortar stores. The brand already has a strong and loyal customer base, with 10,000 individual customers to date. The company could add non-customized options and different types of keepsakes. They could also expand their DIY kit offerings, which will provide an opportunity for customers to create their own personalized jewelry at home.

Asking Price: $4,200,000
Gross Income: $1,674,162
Cash Flow: $949,830
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 2

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