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A B2B Agency Providing Websites, Sales Funnels, and Lead Generation for the Health, Beauty, and Wellness Market with a Monthly Recurring Revenue Model and Highly Automated Workflow

This B2B agency provides unique branding services for businesses operating in the health, beauty & wellness vertical. They offer website and sales funnel building for these types of businesses with a monthly recurring revenue model. The focus is on generating more leads and clients for these businesses, and the company offers consulting services on how to sell the promoted red light therapy treatments to customers and create brand awareness. The company operates with highly automated workflow, relying entirely on referrals and a strong client base. The key to the company’s success was recognizing a need for marketing services within the booming body contouring industry.


The company provides marketing and consulting services to business owners in the health, beauty & wellness vertical. They provide a range of services including social media ads, Groupon offers, customized patient measurement forms, treatment packages, and their own branded eCommerce store. They build effective sales pages inside of a sales funnel that help businesses grow their online presence and generate more leads. A key aspect of their operations is teaching clients’ staff how to talk to patients in a way that drastically improves close rates. Their system is designed to generate referrals, and all their clients have come from past referrals.

The business is highly automated and relies on staff training to ensure products and services are delivered to clients accurately and efficiently. There is no physical inventory and the company has a low workload requirement.


Their marketing budget is zero, and the company relies on referrals for growth. They have a database of 50,000+ email subscribers that could be targeted with new digital marketing plans. An SEO program on their website that includes an informative blog could provide a significant scale boost.

The business has a highly effective referral system in place, driving new leads to the business regularly. The company has noticed effective sales and generated new clients quickly. There is a vast potential for growth, including a database of over 50,000 email subscribers and an SEO program on their website that could help scale the business.

The company has a strong client base, and a recurring revenue model. The company averages over $325,000 in annual cash flow and has generated over $330,000 in gross income since inception in 2019. They have a low workload, requiring fewer than 10 hours per week to operate.

The business primarily serves chiropractic businesses, beauty salons, fitness centers, and other businesses operating in the health, beauty & wellness vertical. Their primary customer demographics are individuals who want to open health and beauty-related businesses or those already in the field.


The company requires minimal staff and functions effectively with a single employee. Staff members are trained to automate most operations and rely on specialized training to ensure top-of-the-line service and product delivery.


The body contouring market has risen quickly in popularity and is valued at $6.5 billion globally. With obesity rates rising around the world, body contouring is seeing renewed interest, especially among millennials. The body contouring industry is booming, with North America leading the world. Red light therapy devices for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits have become appealing to weight-conscious consumers. This has encouraged more entrepreneurs in the health and beauty field to market their services using red light therapy devices, and marketing agencies such as this one have taken advantage of this trend.


The company could easily expand by leveraging its loyal customer base, email database, and other marketing resources. The business could provide more comprehensive marketing to clients interested in weight loss and red light therapy services. The company could also expand its services to target other verticals within the health, beauty, and wellness space.

Asking Price: $1,140,000
Gross Income: $330,156
Cash Flow: $325,876
Year Established: 2019
Employees: 1

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