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Accutel: A Telecommunications and Technology Company

Accutel is a telecom company that provides security cameras, IT services, merchant services, troubleshooting, and security monitoring. The SBA-backed company has more than 500 clients and a strong volume of sales every year.


Accutel specializes in providing various services such as security cameras, IT solutions, security monitoring, merchant services, and installations to numerous clients from different industries. The company offers SBA assistance and has a strong volume of sales every year.

Accutel’s supply chain strategy involves utilizing reliable vendors and implementing efficient logistics processes to ensure a steady flow of inventory and timely delivery of services to clients.


The company provides an array of services such as security cameras, IT solutions, merchant services, troubleshooting, and security monitoring to more than 500 clients. Through their strong network of clients, they have been able to generate a strong volume of sales every year.

Accutel generates sales through direct outreach to existing clients and through referral channels from satisfied customers. The company also leverages their website and social media platforms to attract new clients.

Accutel’s key metrics include annual sales volume, number of clients served, and customer satisfaction level. The company also tracks its revenue streams, operational costs, and profit margins for better financial management.

Accutel maintains a strong client base of more than 500 clients from different industries. They provide services to educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare providers, and businesses.


Accutel has a team of professionals dedicated to delivering quality services to its clients. The company invests in its staff by providing training and career development opportunities to ensure that they remain competent and motivated.


The telecom industry offers communication and cloud-based services such as voice and data communication, wireless communication, and internet access. Accutel is a leading company in this sector and provides security cameras, IT solutions, and merchant services.


Accutel can scale its business by expanding its service offerings, increasing its marketing efforts, developing strategic partnerships, and acquiring complementary businesses. They can also expand and open new branches in different locations.

Asking Price: $525,000
Gross Income: $375,000
Cash Flow: $175,000
Year Established: N/A
Employees: N/A

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