certification for food safety practices in the agriculture

Agriculture B2B Certification Business – $2000 Average Ticket Value

This B2B-centric certifying body offers certificate management in the agriculture space, providing GFSI level audits under ISO/IEC on a personalized basis. It is a recognized and acclaimed leader in the industry with the necessary certification for food safety practices in the agriculture sector. The platform is highly turnkey and runs on a web-based model. The highly tenured staff manages the day-to-day business operations, and the owner invests less than 10 hours of work weekly. The business has solid TTM growth with yearly organic growth.


The business model is web-based and highly scalable with proven organic growth, word of mouth referrals, and minimal paid marketing or advertising. The targeted implementation of even a basic SEO/PPC campaign to promote the name and implement an outbound account sales team would exponentially enhance its business growth potential.

The platform provides personalized services in the agriculture space for clients needing GFSI level audits under ISO/IEC. The users can log in with their credentials, and the service will offer them personalized management and certification. The process is highly automated and can be managed with minimal human intervention.


The company hasn’t invested significantly in marketing to date, with almost zero paid online marketing or advertising. However, the implementation of a basic SEO/PPC campaign can provide an exceptional kickstart.

The business generates revenue primarily through its online platform, providing a straightforward process for clients in the agriculture industry to manage and obtain certification. The business has a high percentage of repeat customers and referral sales. The outbound account sales team implementation would exponentially widen the sales channels.

The company has achieved solid TTM growth, with an average ticket value of $2,000 and a repeat customer rate of 95%. The business has been growing at a rate of 10% to 15% annually across the years.

The customer base is primarily B2B clients utilizing the agriculture industry space. In most cases, these are food processors and manufacturers at different levels of food handling, needing the GFSI-level audit under ISO/IEC certification process to comply with worldwide regulations and quality standards.


The business boasts a highly tenured staff that manages the day-to-day operations, with technical managers and auditors offered on-demand as required. The business owners are almost completely hands-off, investing less than 10 hours of work weekly, and are willing to provide comprehensive training to a new owner.


The agriculture industry is a rapidly evolving sector. The food safety practices and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-level audits under ISO/IEC are becoming necessary to comply with worldwide regulations and quality standards expected of food processors and manufacturers. The certifications provided by this company guarantee and support these standards in the agriculture industry.


The online certification platform is highly scalable, with limitless opportunities for growth, including a basic SEO/PPC campaign and outbound account sales team implementation. The business is already developing new transportation-oriented certification authority titles that will create broader revenue streams.

Asking Price: $525,000
Gross Income: $425,459
Cash Flow: $146,674
Year Established: 2001
Employees: 19

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