chicken coop surrounded by green grass and friendly chickens

Backyard Pet Chicken Rental Business for Sale

This is a highly unique offering that mixes manufacturing, eCommerce, farming, and pet verticals all into one bundled opportunity. The business includes a rental business for Chickens, Chicks and Chicken Houses, achieving a 30% repeat order rate.


The business operates a rental business for Chickens, Chicks and Chicken Houses, and an eCommerce business that manufactures and sells products for pet chickens.

The rental business works with local schools and families to rent chickens and chicken coops, while the eCommerce business primarily sells on


The business primarily markets through and has received national attention from stories in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and on CBS Sunday morning.

The business has room to expand into more brick and mortar wholesalers and has been contacted by larger retailers. The company is also testing the opportunity to rent additional pets and could franchise its rental business in the future.

The business has achieved 100% YoY Sales Growth and 376% YoY Profit Growth.

Customers are primarily local schools, families, and individuals who want an educational experience, as well as owners of pet chickens and other backyard animals.


There are 12 staff members in place to help ease a transition and create continuity. Ownership is also willing to remain involved after acquisition.


Backyard pet ownership, particularly of chickens, has become increasingly popular in the US as more people look to grow their own food and secure their food supply. This business offers a unique, real-world educational experience for kids and adults alike.


The business could expand its product line, develop a franchise network for its rental business, create a shippable chicken coop, and begin selling chicken feed.

Asking Price: $11,500,000
Gross Income: $8,591,923
Cash Flow: $2,358,584
Year Established: 2012
Employees: 12

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