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Day Trading Education Business with Twitter Subscription Model

This Financial Services Education (FES) Business offers a variety of services to day traders, including educational trading courses, one-on-one coaching, live chat rooms, and a swing trade newsletter. With over 1,000 equity traders taught and a loyal customer base, this business has achieved a 93% gross profit margin. The company generates organic traffic through social media and has a wide customer base interested in the stock market, cryptocurrency market, and futures market. With the potential to expand its offerings and implement a comprehensive digital marketing plan, this business has substantial growth opportunities in the financial education industry.


The business operates based on a subscription model, with monthly fees for access to live chat rooms, courses, and newsletters. Trading sessions and analysis are provided throughout the day, helping clients make informed trading decisions.

There are no specific details provided about the supply and logistics aspect of this business.


The business currently drives traffic organically through Twitter, but with the implementation of SEO and paid ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, and TikTok, the company could reach a broader audience and significantly boost traffic.

The sales channel for this business is primarily driven by organic traffic from social media, specifically Twitter. However, implementing a comprehensive digital marketing plan can help expand the sales channel and drive significant growth.

The key metrics for this business include customer acquisition, customer retention, monthly recurring revenue, average spend per customer, and gross profit margin.

The customer base for this business includes individuals over the age of 18 who are interested in day trading, the stock market, cryptocurrency market, and futures market.


The business is currently operated by a sole proprietor who manages all aspects of the business, including live chat support and content creation. No employees or contractors are mentioned.


The financial education industry is experiencing significant growth, especially with more individuals becoming interested in day trading. This business provides educational services to help people learn how to trade stocks and take advantage of opportunities in the stock market. Examples of other businesses in this industry include online trading courses, financial advisory firms, and investment newsletters.


There are several scale opportunities for this business, including expanding the number of courses offered, implementing a comprehensive digital marketing plan, and potentially partnering with other financial education platforms or influencers. These opportunities can help the business attract a broader audience and increase revenue.

Asking Price: $1,400,000
Gross Income: $333,224
Cash Flow: $306,355
Year Established: 2010
Employees: 1

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