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Educational Stock Trading Platform: 15 Years of Experience and 75% of Revenue from Ad Sales

Website Closers presents a 15-year-old stock trading platform that educates and supports current and future traders. The company creates content for individuals interested in the stock trading industry, offering products and advisory services to help traders improve their skills. With over 156,000 engaged subscribers, the company generates 75% of its revenue from advertisement sales to other companies in the financial publishing industry. The company also sells 11 SKUs, including books, eBooks, videos, and posters related to stocks and options. They have a strong online presence and employ various digital marketing strategies to reach their target audience.


The company operates as an independent publisher of investment newsletters, providing stock picks to subscribers. It has expanded its team to include experts who create high-quality content for the stock trading industry. The company sells advertising space on its email newsletter and website, attracting advertisers from the financial publishing industry. Additionally, they sell various products and a paid newsletter to individual customers. The company ships products using a third-party logistics provider and maintains inventory for approximately six months.

The company uses a third-party logistics provider for shipping products to customers. They maintain inventory levels of 10,000-20,000 units for each SKU, which typically lasts around six months. The company’s books are proprietary, and they own full copyright and distribution rights.


The company employs a multifaceted approach to digital marketing, utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to boost organic traffic to their website. They also run PPC ads on Facebook and YouTube and rely on email marketing to expand their customer base. The company has a large following on social media, including 50,000+ followers on Facebook, 36,000+ followers on Instagram, and 10,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The company’s main sales channel is its website and email newsletter. They have a strong audience within the niche field of retail trading, which attracts advertisers and customers. The company’s growth opportunities include using SEO to drive more organic traffic to their website, offline advertising in print media, radio, television, and cable, and expanding their product offerings to generate subscription revenue.

The company’s key metrics include a 20-25% open rate for their daily newsletter, a website with over 120,000 monthly visits, and an email database with over 205,000 subscribers. They ship up to 400 packages each week and have an average order value of $30 for direct-to-consumer products. Ad sales account for 75% of the company’s revenue.

The company’s customer base consists of individuals interested in stock trading, including aspiring and experienced traders. They have over 156,000 engaged subscribers and a strong following on social media platforms. The company provides educational and informative content to help customers improve their trading skills.


The company has a team of professionals managing daily tasks, including a director of operations, vice president of sales, advertising and email operations manager, and customer service manager. The new owner would not need to be involved in the daily operations, as the company operates as a turnkey operation requiring only 5 hours per week.


The company operates in the retail trading industry, which is currently booming. Retail investors now account for 23% of all US equity trading, double the level from 2019. The financial publishing space is also growing rapidly, with billion-dollar companies selling products within this industry. The company’s target audience consists of individuals interested in becoming better and smarter traders, seeking educational and informative content in the stock trading field.


The company has several scale opportunities, including using SEO to increase organic traffic, engaging in offline advertising, launching new offers for existing clients, and introducing a SaaS product to generate subscription revenue. With a wide audience and high reputation within the industry, the company has significant growth potential.

Asking Price: $4,900,000
Gross Income: $4,737,019
Cash Flow: $1,199,935
Year Established: 2006
Employees: 4

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