Shopify website along with a set of products

Global Ecommerce Retailer in Consumer Electronics, Health & Beauty, Pet Supplies, and More

This eCommerce retailer offers customers an array of goods across 11 cross-sellable categories, including consumer electronics, health & beauty, home decor, kitchen, pets, and apparel. The business operates across North America, Europe and Asia, with no inventory and low overhead. Most operational needs are handled by a virtual assistant, allowing for flexibility as the business grows. The business is already carrying top-selling as-seen-on-TV items, but has yet to expand into Marketing efforts include optimized PPC/SEO/SEM campaigns, social media engagement, and a high-traffic Facebook presence with 11,000+ followers.


With a drop-shipping model, orders are fulfilled by third-party retailers, allowing the business to operate with low overhead. A virtual assistant handles most operational needs, including customer service and order fulfillment. The business has a strong online presence with optimized PPC/SEO/SEM campaigns as well as social media engagement through Facebook.

The business operates with a drop-shipping model, orders are fulfilled by third-party retailers, limiting overhead costs for the business.


Marketing efforts include highly successful Facebook campaigns and optimized PPC/SEO/SEM campaigns. Social media is an important value proposition for the business.

The business operates through its highly polished Shopify website, as well as social media platforms like Facebook.

The business generates a steady revenue stream year-round with complementary SKU lineup across 11 verticals. The business carries no inventory, and most operational needs are handled by a virtual assistant. The company has had month over month growth boasting over 11,000 followers on Facebook. The optimized PPC/SEO/SEM campaigns have been tuned for minimal ad spend and maximum return.

The customer base is broad, with multiple categories offered through the highly polished Shopify website, including consumer electronics, home decor, health & beauty, kitchen, apparel and pets.


Most operational needs, including customer service, are handled by a virtual assistant that is well trained in the eCommerce space.


The eCommerce industry has grown over the years, more so in 2020 due to the pandemic as more customers are now shopping online. Large retailers such as Amazon dominate the online retail space, but smaller companies like the target business differentiate themselves by offering hard to find products and a more personal shopping experience. The target company’s unique cross-selling strategy across 11 categories is a strong value proposition for customers.


The target business represents a perfect acquisition opportunity for almost any existing eCommerce retailer and/or entrepreneur in just about any space. The company is already international, shipping directly to customers (DTC) and has the potential to expand to (for example) as a growth opportunity for new ownership.

Asking Price: $350,000
Gross Income: $702,919
Cash Flow: $199,300
Year Established: 2017
Employees: 1

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