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Grow Your Dental Equipment and Accessories Catalog with an Asia-Based Sourcing Agent: Low Operating Expenses, High Margins, and 15% Repeat Order Rate.

We are an online retailer in the dental equipment niche, providing top-notch merchandise to dentists and dental hygienists. Our innovative and cost-effective products have garnered glowing reviews from industry professionals. We have stable cash flow, efficient logistics, and a less complicated advertising strategy.


Our business model involves sourcing dental equipment and accessories from Asia through a reliable agent. We have a dropshipping inventory model, which allows us to offer a wide range of products without purchasing upfront. Our operations are streamlined, resulting in low operating expenses and high-profit margins.

We have a reliable sourcing agent in Asia who negotiates better deals on price and payment terms with factories. This allows us to offer competitive prices to our customers. Our inventory is managed through dropshipping, eliminating the need to purchase goods upfront. We have established a strong network of suppliers and logistics partners to ensure efficient and timely delivery of orders.


We primarily target dentists and dental practitioners through various marketing channels, including social media, search engines, and email marketing. We also plan to extend our marketing efforts to dentistry periodicals and websites to reach the precise target market. We have a 15% repeat order rate, indicating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our primary sales channels are our eCommerce website and online marketplaces where we list our products. We have seen steady growth in online sales, driven by our marketing efforts and customer satisfaction. To further grow our sales channels, we plan to explore partnerships with regional distributors and leverage referral programs. With strategic expansion to fast-growing regions and targeted marketing campaigns, we expect to achieve exponential revenue growth.

Our key metrics include average order value (AOV), which is $250, indicating a high-value customer base. We also track repeat order rate, customer acquisition cost, and conversion rates to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and customer retention strategies.

Our customer base primarily consists of dentists and dental practitioners from tier 1 countries. These customers value our cost-effective and reliable products, and they are not hesitant to spend hundreds of dollars on our merchandise. We have built a successful brand with positive word of mouth, resulting in a high repeat order rate and customer loyalty.


Currently, the business is operated by the owner and supported by one part-time employee in customer support. With only 12 to 16 hours dedicated to the business per month, it offers an opportunity for a new owner to run the business with minimal involvement or hire additional resources to scale the operations.


The dental equipment industry is rapidly growing, driven by factors such as the rising aging population, increasing incidence of dental diseases, and demand for cosmetic dentistry. Our online business caters to dentists and dental practitioners, providing them with a cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional expensive equipment. Examples of other companies in this industry include dental equipment manufacturers, dental supply distributors, and dental online marketplaces.


There are several scale opportunities for this business. Firstly, expanding our marketing efforts to include personalized content, video testimonial reviews, and targeted advertising on social media, search engines, and email can further drive customer acquisition and conversion rates. Secondly, we can explore additional revenue streams by expanding our product catalog and partnering with regional distributors. Lastly, there is potential for international expansion to tap into fast-growing markets.

Asking Price: $925,000
Gross Income: $801,683
Cash Flow: $263,794
Year Established: 2019
Employees: 1

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