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20-Year Body Jewelry Brand – 40% Repeat Order Rate & 15,000+ SKUs

This 20-year old eCommerce brand is a top seller in the body jewelry vertical in the US, offering over 15,000 SKUs under their 100% private label brand.


With a professionally managed team and a structure that allows for turnkey management, this company has seen over $17 million in revenue in the past three years and has a strong social following.

The company has strong relationships with primary suppliers and in-house manufacturing capabilities for high-end jewelry made from 14k gold and platinum. They use a 70/30 sales split between their website and Amazon storefront.


The company leverages social media heavily to drive traffic and conversions, with over 2 million followers across various platforms. They also have a strong email and SMS marketing strategy, generating 40% of their revenue from these channels alone.

The company sells primarily through their website and Amazon storefronts, but they also have a small affiliate program and sell through Walmart’s online store. They have an opportunity to strengthen their DTC traffic and move into international markets.

The company has a 40% repeat customer rate and a 100% inventory sell-through rate, with a low concentration risk despite their extensive product catalog.

The company has a sticky customer base with a 40% repeat customer rate and over 3 million email subscribers and 800,000 SMS subscribers. They have a strong reputation for quality and reliability of products.


With a team that has been with them for over 15 years, the company has a turn-key management structure that requires only 3 hours of passive ownership involvement per week.


This ecommerce brand operates in the fashion and beauty industry, specifically in the body jewelry niche. The industry has seen significant growth in recent years, with more people embracing body piercing as a form of self-expression and fashion statement. Examples of competitors in the industry include Body Candy, Fresh Trends, and Urban Body Jewelry.


Opportunities for scaling the company include expanding wholesale and retail locations, growing their subscription clubs, strengthening their affiliate program, and targeting more international markets.

Asking Price: $21,800,000
Gross Income: $19,434,240
Cash Flow: $4,914,794
Year Established: 2002
Employees: 50

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