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Industrial Technology Lab Selling 8 Million Products with 35% Repeat Order Rate

Website Closers is a 20-year B2B eCommerce brand that operates in the industrial, technology, laboratory, and other commercial products space. With 8 million products in their catalog, they serve a wide range of customers across various sectors and industries. Their stable performance is reflected in their 35% repeat order rate and strong customer base of corporations, governments, and organizations. With a focus on quality products, fast customer service, and quick shipping, they have built a reputation for reliability and have enjoyed consistent cash flow and growth over the years.


Website Closers operates as an online B2B commercial product supplier, offering a vast catalog of 8 million+ products from 16,000 manufacturers. They provide high-demand industrial products and equipment to support and maintain businesses across multiple industries. Their operations are efficient and scalable, with an experienced team managing order management, administration, sales, and customer service. They primarily drop-ship products from suppliers, with a small percentage of stocked products. Their strong relationships with vendors and preferred pricing give them a competitive advantage in the market.

Website Closers has strong relationships with a large vendor base, including direct manufacturers and wholesalers, securing preferred pricing and direct distribution relationships. They primarily drop-ship products from suppliers, minimizing the need for extensive supply chain and logistics operations. They also maintain a small inventory of stocked products, which are warehoused and shipped from their 3PL.


Website Closers employs a marketing strategy that includes PPC ads on Google, driving 35% of website sales, and a comprehensive SEO program that generates 65% of sales from organic traffic. They attract over 350,000 unique monthly visitors to their website through their SEO efforts and plan to explore affiliate marketing as another growth opportunity. They also sell their products on online marketplaces like Amazon and Newegg, which represent a growing percentage of their sales.

Website Closers sells their products primarily through their own website, which accounted for 65% of sales in 2021. However, sales on online marketplaces like Amazon and Newegg are increasing, representing 53% of sales in 2022. They are constantly expanding their sales channels and exploring new growth opportunities.

Key metrics for Website Closers include a 35% repeat order rate, an average order value of $300-500, and a customer lifetime value (CLTV) that is high due to enterprise accounts and resellers. They have a diversified customer base with no single customer representing more than 15% of revenue and no single product representing more than 5% of sales. Their robust margins and scale opportunities make them an attractive investment for buyers.

Website Closers has a diverse customer base that includes corporations, governments, and organizations. They serve hundreds of healthcare organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, Fortune 5000 companies, and SMBs. Their loyal customer base is built on their reputation for quality products, fast customer service, and quick shipping.


Website Closers has a dedicated team of eight full-time employees who oversee order management, administration, sales, and customer service. They also work with 20 full-time contract workers based in Europe for technology development, content management, and operations support, as well as 10 contractors in India for accounting and bookkeeping. The experienced team efficiently manages the brand’s extensive catalog and complex workflows.


The eCommerce industry has become crucial for industries and agencies in need of a comprehensive range of industrial, technology, laboratory, and commercial products. Website Closers serves a diverse customer base, including healthcare organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, Fortune 5000 companies, and SMBs. Their success exemplifies the importance of eCommerce in facilitating business operations, research, and production across various industries.


Website Closers has significant scale opportunities, including expanding their supplier base to offer a wider range of products, increasing sales to existing enterprise customers, and expanding their SKU count on Amazon. With a strong infrastructure and customer base in place, the potential for rapid growth is high.

Asking Price: $5,000,000
Gross Income: $16,671,765
Cash Flow: $1,576,373
Year Established: 2003
Employees: 38

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