Luxury Men’s Watch Internet Retailer: An Opportunity to Buy and Sell

The Luxury Men’s Watch Internet Retailer is an established eCommerce retailer specializing in men’s luxury watches. The company offers a hand-picked selection of watches from suppliers, with virtually no overhead required. The business has managed to carve out healthy margins in an industry known for high barriers to entry. The Shopify storefront accounts for 100% of sales, and the company has a strong online presence and targeted marketing measure in place for maximum growth. The business owner is willing to finance 50% of the purchase price, making this an excellent opportunity for investors looking for a profitable operation that can be scaled with minimal effort.


The business is streamlined, and hardly any investment is required for its success. The company’s Shopify storefront feeds 100% of sales, and a highly effective, targeted marketing measure is in place. With low overhead requirements, this business can be scaled and optimized in the short-term. The business is primed for growth, with an organically ranked domain and existing supplier relationships that can be leveraged to explore a range of sales channels and new verticals for maximum growth in the immediate future.

This watch eCommerce retailer requires very little overhead and minimal time invested for success. The company’s suppliers help maintain the business’s profitability, and existing supplier relationships can be utilized to explore new sales channels and profitable verticals for maximum growth in the immediate future.


The Luxury Men’s Watch Internet Retailer has a strong online presence with an organically ranked Shopify storefront that accounts for 100% of sales. The company has a highly effective targeted marketing measure in place that has helped it carve out its niche in the luxury men’s watch space. The easy scalability of the business makes it an excellent opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on an already profitable operation.

The Luxury Men’s Watch Internet Retailer currently feeds 100% of sales via its organically ranked Shopify storefront. With the help of existing supplier relationships, the company can explore new sales channels like to reach a wider audience and add to existing SKUs from suppliers.

This business has healthy cash flow and aged domain ripe for a brand play. With 50% seller financing, it is a profitable operation with minimal required investment. The business features an organically ranked domain with an effective targeted marketing measure for maximum growth.

The Luxury Men’s Watch Internet Retailer caters to men who are interested in luxury watches at affordable prices. The ideal customer is someone who appreciates attention to detail in a quality product, with a focus on style and luxury rather than affordability. The business has a diverse customer base, including both domestic and international customers interested in the business’s hand-picked selection of high-quality watches.


No head count or office/warehouse is necessary for this Investment opportunity. It requires minimal involvement while representing a profitable operation with low overhead and high returns.


The luxury men’s watch industry has always been a popular retail segment, but the rise of eCommerce over the past few years has led to major growth in this space. eCommerce has significantly reduced the barriers to entry that used to be a major obstacle within this space, and companies like the Luxury Men’s Watch Internet Retailer have been able to carve out a niche. Online luxury watches retailers are regularly valued at multiple six figures or more. An example of a similar company recently sold: Chronolux Fine Watches, which sold for $400,000.


The Luxury Men’s Watch Internet Retailer is an easy-to-scale operation with little required investment and operates entirely on an eCommerce platform. The business can be scaled in the short term by adding new SKUs and exploring new sales channels like Amazon FBA, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. Utilizing existing supplier relationships, this business can continue to grow its profits, even as it explores new verticals like wearables and smart technologies.

Asking Price: $450,000
Gross Income: $706,000
Cash Flow: $176,000
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 1

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