SBA-Approved Driving School Boasts Impressive Year-Over-Year Growth and Online Exposure

The driving school provides top-notch training for first-time drivers, international license applicants, and drivers of all ages who need to take lessons. The instructors are all seasoned teachers or coaches, who are patient, professional, and present the entire curriculum compliant with all state and federal licensing standards, the company boasts an online presence, landing pages for Teens, Adults, and International Drivers, to facilitate payments and appointments.The company has built a great brand name for itself over the years.


The company has been operational for five years, with 10 employees and is growing at 20% YoY. The company boasts an online presence on Google, Yelp, and Facebook and carries no debt, making it lean and realizing almost 50% net profit margin on the bottom line. New customers find the company through Google Ads, social media, and location-based review sites.

The business carries no debt and offers clean books for accounting, meaning that it can operate with low overhead costs.


The online presence is a driving force behind traffic and leads generation and is open to be better developed. Most of the new customers for the company are finding them through Google Ads, Social Media, and Yelp. It has a 4.8-star rating on Facebook and Google, respectively, and a 4-star rating on Yelp, indicating excellent customer satisfaction.

The primary sales channels for the company are largely based upon online marketing and referrals. A new acquirer could continue to expand upon this strategy, focusing on search engine optimization, and a more developed marketing strategy expanding beyond the St. Louis area.

The company is growing at 20% YoY, with a net profit margin of 50%, thanks to its lean operations and almost no debt. The company has a 4.8-star rating on both Google and Facebook, indicating excellent customer satisfaction. It has landing pages for Teens, Adults, and International Drivers.

The company’s target market includes students for first-time driving and those who are seeking to acquire or upgrade their license. Customers include teens and adults from all age groups. International students who need a license that will be recognized in the USA are also seen as an excellent niche market for the business.


The company has ten employees, all with teaching experience and certifications, who help to deliver the curriculum. The instructors are patient, professional, and adaptable to suit everyone’s needs, and the employees are essential to the success of the company.


The driving school industry is diverse and expanding, providing driving schools a unique product to market. There is strong demand in the market for quality driving schools that can provide a comprehensive curriculum and experienced, licensed instructors who can tailor the lessons to the student’s needs. Some of the company’s competitors include Driving-Zone, Metro Driving School, and Gateway Driving School.


The company has several scale opportunities available that can be leveraged by the buyer to expand beyond its present size. These include launching a new location to provide increased service coverage, launching a fleet of automobiles for adult instruction, and developing a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy to drive the business’ growth

Asking Price: $763,312
Gross Income: $438,501
Cash Flow: $203,550
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 10

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