blackhead removal device

Massive International Body Skin Care Ecommerce Brand Sees Huge YOY Scale with 500 Influencers and 96 AOV, 627 ROAS

This thriving global brand operates in the beauty products vertical. It is known for its high-quality blackhead removal device, which is one of the most effective luxury solutions. The brand has established itself as an authority in its niche, with enormous margins and customer loyalty.


The brand uses a unique marketing strategy that leverages the power of influencers, including former Miss Universe models, celebrities, TV personalities, and actresses. The brand’s main sales channels are Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Ads. The company has experienced significant growth year-over-year and consistently outperforms projections.

The brand’s products, including the blackhead removal device, Enzymatic Peeling Gel, and Green Clay Mask, are produced by an Italian cosmetic lab. The brand has established a reliable supply chain to ensure the availability of its products.


The brand’s marketing strategy focuses on influencer marketing and Facebook Ads. The company has built strong relationships with over 500 influencers, who promote the brand’s products to their followers. This has proven to be a highly effective way to acquire customers and drive sales. The brand also utilizes Facebook Ads to reach a wider audience and generate additional revenue.

The brand’s sales channels primarily consist of influencers and Facebook Ads. These channels have proven to be highly effective in acquiring customers and driving sales. The brand has successfully scaled its operations in the US market and has plans to expand into other European countries.

The key metrics for this business include average order value (AOV) of $96 and a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 627%. These metrics indicate strong customer engagement and profitability. The brand also maintains a low cost per acquisition (CPA) with influencers, contributing to its high profit margin.

The brand’s customer base includes consumers who are interested in skincare and beauty products. The brand’s products cater to those who want effective solutions for blackhead removal and overall skin care. The brand has a loyal customer base, including repeat customers who have seen positive results from using its products.


The brand’s team includes a dedicated influencer marketing team, who are responsible for identifying and maintaining relationships with influencers. The team also manages the brand’s Facebook Ads campaigns and other marketing activities.


The skincare industry has seen significant growth in recent years, driven by increasing consumer awareness of self-care and a desire for youthful, radiant skin. The brand’s success in the beauty products vertical demonstrates its ability to capitalize on this growing industry. Other examples of successful companies in the industry include skincare brands like Glossier and Drunk Elephant.


The brand has several scale opportunities, including expanding into other countries using its proven influencer marketing strategy. The brand has already seen success in the US market and plans to replicate this success in other European countries. Additionally, the brand has a catalog of videos featuring its products, which can be used to scale advertising campaigns and reach new audiences.

Asking Price: $1,375,000
Gross Income: $1,520,829
Cash Flow: $459,403
Year Established: 2021
Employees: 5

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