digital and in-person music lessons

Music Lessons Provider with 90% Recurring Customer Rate – Established 10 Years!

This company provides digital and in-person music lessons to people of all ages. With a focus on high-quality, individualized instruction, the company delivers a 99% retention rate, and offers lessons in piano, voice, guitar, bass, ukulele, drum, violin, and cello. With a robust web platform, the company provides music lessons from the comfort of one’s home. The pandemic has further popularized this option of remote music learning. Offering high profitability and scalability, there are numerous opportunities the acquisition can leverage for revenue growth.


This music lesson provider offers lessons both in-person and online, and has a recurring revenue model that affords low overhead costs. The company has developed an efficient and minimal cost model, which provides untapped earning potential. The current ownership has already begun building the framework for a solid franchising launch that will be valuable to its new owner. The model caters towards high-income clientele and is easy to run, even for an entrepreneur involved in other endeavors.

The company has no need for expensive overhead costs such as a storefront, and has a highly strategic business model that allows it to be easily expanded to serve more areas and instruments. The business employs people in any area, to teach music lessons online and in-person.


With an effective word-of-mouth strategy and excellent customer retention, the company has displayed proven growth and limitless scaling opportunities. The company employs various marketing tactics, from SEO to franchise launches.

The company has the potential to grow through franchise launches, enhanced advertising tactics, and eLearning partnerships. Improving SEO and extending its market reach are added opportunities for the business’s growth.

The company offers a 99% customer retention rate, and attracts new clients at a rate of 8-15 per month. It has a solid recurring revenue model and is profitable, with a gross income of $204,646 and a cash flow of $88,366.

The company caters to clients of all ages and skill levels with a focus on high-quality, individualized instruction. Its target market includes high-income clients who value effective private music education for their family members.


The company currently employs 20 people, and has low overhead costs and little additional cost to support the business as it expands.


This is an online music business that provides digital and in-person music lessons to students of all ages. With an effective web platform, this enterprise is perfectly situated in a time when online education has become increasingly prevalent. The model carries effective scalability measures, and has excellent potential for growth through marketing, non-traditional partnerships, franchising, and instrument rentals.


There is phenomenal earning potential for this business through scaling opportunities. Its profitable and effective business model is conducive to growth in the franchise, marketing, and advertising fields, as well as eLearning partnerships. An increase in instrument rentals is another option for revenue growth.

Asking Price: $289,000
Gross Income: $204,646
Cash Flow: $88,366
Year Established: 2011
Employees: 20

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