Organic Skincare and Baby Products

Organic Skincare and Baby Products Company for Sale

This fully-branded portfolio company has created a strong brand presence across two highly in-demand verticals: organic skincare and baby products. With a low-overhead e-fulfillment model through FBA, the company has maximized margins through optimized supply chain, logistics, and lead capture platforms.


The company’s operations are optimized for little human capital investment and minimal overhead, with no obstacles in the current business plan to limit future growth. The company has invested in maximizing margins through supply chain optimization.

The company has prioritized supply chain optimization and logistics management to maximize margins. The company has also leveraged the FBA platform to ensure a low overhead e-fulfillment model.


The company’s marketing strategy focuses on capturing all website traffic through optimized lead capture platforms across both brands. The company has whittled down its cost of acquisition and offers a highly enviable cost point for the sector.

The company is scaling through international sales through the FBA platform. The company also has a strong brand presence on both its website and Amazon eCommerce.

The company’s key metrics center around maximizing margins through optimized e-fulfillment platforms, supply chain, and logistics management, alongside effectively monetizing all website traffic whether customers browse or buy.

The customer base is primarily made up of parents seeking organic skincare and baby products, buyers across the skincare and baby product sectors, and a growing global customer base thanks to FBA.


The company does not require much human capital investment. However, the company has two employees and is open to expansion if necessary.


The skincare and baby product industry is a fast-growing industry that demonstrates no signs of slowing down. Both verticals are driven by evergreen consumer demands, with many companies reaching multi-billion dollar valuations on the promise of these demands, including brands like Honest and Aveeno.


There are significant scale opportunities for this company. With well-established brand recognition and a strong revenue stream, the company is perfectly positioned for expansion into other in-demand consumer verticals.

Asking Price: $4,500,000
Gross Income: $2,901,145
Cash Flow: $900,357
Year Established: 2013
Employees: 2

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