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The Perfect Wine Accessory Store: An Ecommerce Retail Company

This is a niche e-commerce Internet Company that sells consumer products in the Wine Accessories vertical. They offer various cross-sells and have a highly automated fulfillment system via drop shipment. The business has a modernized and polished Shopify storefront and clean books, making it a prime candidate for an SBA-backed loan. They sell solely through their dot-com storefront, and have realized 157% growth 2015 – 2016 selling paid and unpaid traffic. The business is highly profitable and offers entrepreneurs a foundation for a business with rapid ROI opportunities right out of the box.


The fulfillment system for this business is largely automated thanks to their drop shipment program. They have a modernized and highly polished Shopify storefront. As a result, they have been able to focus their efforts on optimized promotion, sales and customer service. The business has clean books, making it very attractive to buyers looking for financing options.

Their fulfillment program makes use of a drop shipment model. As a result, they do not need to store large amounts of inventory. This has allowed them to manage their supply chain in a highly efficient manner and increase their profit margins.


They have enjoyed year-over-year growth and expect to continue this trend in 2017 and beyond. They sell solely through their dot-com storefront. Their platform supports paid and unpaid traffic and has helped them maintain impressive growth levels.

They sell solely through their dot-com storefront. This model has proven to be very successful for their brand and has allowed them to focus heavily on promotion and customer service, leading to impressive growth rates.

They have clean books and offer an attractive candidate for an SBA-backed loan. Their bookkeeping is optimized to streamline operations, support decision-making and maintain a large selection of wines. They track key metrics such as growth rate, customer acquisition cost, and customer lifetimes.

This business operates primarily within the Wine Accessories vertical and enjoys an excellent reputation with its customers. They have a loyal fanbase of repeat customers and advertise via their well-polished website. The customer base for online wine accessories is highly diverse, but this business has seen impressive retention rates and continues to generate ongoing revenue streams.


This business requires a small number of employees and has an almost entirely turn-key platform. This means that it offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs of all skill levels to enter the profitable and growing marketplace.


This business operates within the Wine Accessories market, which is valued at around $60 billion USD. This vertical hosts a large number of online retailers who are able to connect with consumers throughout the world. The wine industry, in general, has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with a focus on the tastes and preferences of younger consumers. This business is well-positioned within this industry and maintains an excellent reputation through its well-polished website and quality products.


This business is highly profitable and has managed to maintain impressive growth rates in recent years. With a highly automated fulfillment program, there is plenty of room for expansion and increased revenue streams. This business offers a great foundation for entrepreneurs to break into a highly profitable and growing market.

Asking Price: $149,000
Gross Income: $233,000
Cash Flow: $41,018
Year Established: 2012
Employees: 1

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