colorful handkerchief with personalized embroidery

15-Year Ecommerce Business in the Machine Embroidery Vertical – 50% Repeat Customer Rate

This 15-year established eCommerce retailer specializes in providing blank embroidery items to clients in the arts and crafts vertical. The business has over 430 SKUs that are primarily used as canvases by hobbyists to create personalized handkerchiefs, baby products, kitchen towels, and gift items. The company has a 50% repeat customer rate and enjoys an almost exclusively organic approach to marketing, with only limited campaigns for SEO, PPC, and social media ad spend. The business sells entirely DTC with an average ticket value of $84.12. An opportunity for growth would be to expand the business by diversifying sales channels and launching an Amazon presence.


With just two employees, this business primarily operates out of several Direct to Consumer eCommerce websites.

Logistics for this business are simple, with blank embroidery products being reordered as inventory levels deplete.


This eCommerce business has almost entirely relied on organic marketing tactics and limited Google AdWords campaigns.

An easy next step for this business would be to expand to Amazon and other sales channels like Wal-Mart.

This business boasts an average ticket value of $84.12 and a 50% repeat customer rate. Additionally, they have a list of over 130,000 opted-in email subscribers to date.

The customer base for this eCommerce retailer is primarily hobbyists in the art and craft industry.


This eCommerce business employs just two individuals.


The art and craft industry is a highly social and referral-based community. This eCommerce business has successfully tapped into this niche by providing personalized blank embroidery items that hobbyists can purchase to create masterpieces for themselves or others.


This eCommerce business already has a highly engaged customer base and a 50% repeat customer rate, which leaves room for scaling via customer acquisition efforts like customer referral programs.

Asking Price: $283,000
Gross Income: $808,324
Cash Flow: $113,280
Year Established: 2004
Employees: 2

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