group of small business owners holding state reseller certificates

State Reseller Certificates for Small Businesses: An Easy-to-Operate Online Business with Strong Margins and Year-Over-Year Growth

Website Closers presents an innovative digital B2B Online Business that assists small business owners with State Reseller Certificates. The company is active in 4 states at the moment and earns a remarkable number of monthly unique visitors. The business has achieved a strong year over year growth rate. This state compliance certification hub draws in tremendous revenue with minimal owner oversight.


The business earns revenue from a flat fee for each certification and has an additional revenue stream from accelerated processing. The business is easy to run from anywhere with very little oversight needed.

The business operates through a mostly automated filing system, which allows for minimal need for human oversight.


The company could gain tremendous reach by creating a blog for business development advice and interacting with potential customers on social media. Building the brand into an industry-wide hub for reseller development and information would help to form a base for awareness and recurring customers.

The business stands to gain exceptional traction across the industry through enhanced SEO practices, social media engagement, PPC placements, and community involvement. Sponsoring teaching events and trade shows could be a key to dramatic growth.

The business has achieved a 120% year over year growth rate and earns revenue through a flat fee for each certification. It draws in a remarkable number of monthly unique visitors.

The business caters to small businesses in need of state reseller certificates.


The current administration is in charge of advertising efforts and VA management. The business works with 1 part-time VA who takes care of all customer communications and document processing.


The business operates in the B2B online industry, providing state reseller certificates for small businesses. Examples of similar businesses in this industry include ResellerRatings and Trustpilot.


This company could grow exponentially by extending their services into more states and replicating their framework within each state’s filing guidelines. They could also develop more start-up centric services and create additional revenue streams.

Asking Price: $535,000
Gross Income: $426,497
Cash Flow: $151,900
Year Established: 2013
Employees: 2

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