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30 Years of Successful Multi-Brand Skincare and Nutritional Supplement Business

A multi brand eCommerce business in the skincare and nutritional supplements verticals. The company has been in business for 30 years and operates two highly profitable brands within the health and wellness industry. Their skincare brand offers a unique line of serums and treatments, while their nutritional supplements brand focuses on neuro-health. The company sells through wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels, with a 70% repeat order rate. They have a robust online presence and a strong customer base. The business has significant scale opportunities, with potential for international expansion, partnerships, and new product launches.


The company operates two highly profitable brands within the skincare and nutritional supplements verticals. They have a proven mix of sales channels, including wholesale, distributors, their own websites, and Amazon. The business has been in operation for 30 years and has developed a strong reputation and customer base. They focus on providing high-quality, specialized products for their target audience and have a 70% repeat order rate.

The company manufactures unique formulas for their skincare products and nutritional supplements. All products are sold exclusively under their brand. They have distribution in the US, Canada, South America, and parts of Asia. They have a strong presence in spas, physicians’ offices, pharmacies, department stores, and specialized beauty retail shops. They also sell directly to consumers through their own website and on Amazon.


The company utilizes social media, PPC ads, and SEO programs to market their brands. They have a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, which helps drive organic traffic to their websites. They also run PPC ads on Google, Bing, and Amazon to boost sales. The marketing programs have been highly effective, with the skincare brand averaging over 1,650 monthly website visits and the nutritional supplements brand averaging over 3,500 monthly visits.

The company has a strong mix of sales channels, including wholesale, distributors, their own websites, and Amazon. They have a 70% repeat order rate and sales remain healthy year-round. There is potential for growth through expanded presence on Amazon, stronger use of digital marketing campaigns, partnerships with physicians and medical associations, and joint ventures with established beauty product distributors and online sellers.

The company has a 70% repeat order rate, with customers typically making four purchases a year. They have a 40% sales contribution from distributors, 27% from wholesalers, 21% from Amazon, and 10% from direct-to-consumer sales. The average DTC order is $230, while the average wholesale order is $500. The skincare brand’s top selling products are their serums and cremes, which make up 34% of total sales.

The company has a strong and loyal customer base. Their skincare brand has 75% female customers between the ages of 33-55, with a 70% repeat customer rate. Their nutritional supplements brand has 65% male customers between the ages of 50-70, with a 70% repeat customer rate.


The company has an experienced team of seven employees. The current owners spend around 35 hours per week on the business, focusing on sales, marketing, and strategizing.


The skincare industry is projected to be valued at $200 billion globally by 2026. The demand for skincare solutions is increasing due to rising concerns about skin nourishment impacted by acne, scars, dullness, and tanning. The skincare brand offers specialized products that cater to these concerns. The nutritional supplements industry is also growing, driven by increased awareness of neuro-health and the aging population’s desire to support brain function. The company’s nutritional supplements brand offers unique formulas for improved nervous system health and increased cognitive function.


There are significant scale opportunities for the company. They could expand their digital marketing campaigns, develop joint ventures, and continue to expand their product offerings. They could also increase their presence on Amazon and leverage international trade shows for new contracts. Additionally, they could explore influencer and affiliate marketing to boost brand credibility and expand their market presence.

Asking Price: $2,200,000
Gross Income: $1,520,763
Cash Flow: $524,214
Year Established: 1991
Employees: 8

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