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A 22-Year-Old Software Solutions and Cybersecurity Managed Services Provider with 3 Straight Years of Growth, 50% Recurring Revenue, and an International Scope Focused in the Financial Services Sector

22 Year Software Solutions is a veteran technology company that offers a wide variety of software solutions and managed services. They have a loyal customer base in the banking and financial services sectors and specialize in cyber security, software development, and mobile app projects. With over two decades of experience and a track record of high-quality work, they have achieved 3 straight years of growth and have a 75% customer retention rate.


The company offers services such as cyber security solutions, cloud computing support, web and mobile app development, website support help desk, and 24/7 IT support. They have their own in-house programming shop and have completed 1,820 projects for nearly 750 satisfied clients. With a focus on recurring revenue and contract-based work, they enjoy average margins of 30+%. Their long-term contracts and customer retention provide a solid foundation for continued growth and scalability.

22 Year Software Solutions has their own in-house programming shop, which allows them to handle all aspects of their services without the need for outsourcing. Their experienced team is based in Bulgaria and works closely with their London office. They have access to a pool of highly-talented post-graduates from the nearby Technical University and can flexibly increase or decrease their staff as needed.


22 Year Software Solutions employs digital marketing techniques to build brand awareness and generate leads. They have an active social media presence and use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram to showcase their work and accomplishments. They also attend trade shows and exhibitions, organize webinars and lectures, and utilize informational blog posts on their website to expand their customer base.

22 Year Software Solutions has been able to expand its reach into new industries through its marketing efforts, including attending trade shows, organizing webinars and lectures, and utilizing digital marketing techniques. These efforts have generated an average of 3-5 sales leads per week. In addition, the company is often invited to speak at seminars and events, which further builds awareness and leads to more business opportunities.

Key metrics for 22 Year Software Solutions include their customer retention rate of 75%, 30+% average margins on work performed, and a 97% collection rate in 30 days. They have completed 1,820 projects for almost 750 clients and have an average contract length of 10+ years. These metrics demonstrate their strong performance and stability in the industry.

22 Year Software Solutions has a loyal customer base of nearly 750 clients, many of whom have been with the company for 10+ years. Their primary customer base is in the banking and financial services sectors, but they have also worked with clients in logistics, wholesale, legal firms, and are targeting construction firms. Their strong relationships with clients and high customer retention rate demonstrate their ability to provide long-term solutions and excellent customer service.


The company has a highly regarded staff with a great deal of industry experience. They have a focus on the banking and financial services sectors, which has allowed them to establish expertise and maintain long-term client relationships. Their average contract length of 10+ years and high customer retention rate demonstrate the strength of their human resources and their ability to attract and retain top talent.


22 Year Software Solutions operates in the technology industry, specifically in software solutions and managed services. They have a focus on the banking and financial services sectors, which are heavily regulated and require constant updates and cyber security solutions. The global cyber security market is valued at $202.72 billion and is expected to grow at a rate of 12.3% through 2030. The company’s expertise in this high-growth industry positions them for continued success and profitability.


Acquiring 22 Year Software Solutions provides an opportunity for a new owner to leverage their loyal customer base, recurring revenue, and industry expertise to scale the business. With a focus on the banking and financial services sectors, there is potential to expand into other verticals, service offerings, and industries through organic development or continued mergers and acquisitions. The company’s strong track record and reputation make them an attractive investment for growth.

Asking Price: $900,000
Gross Income: $814,922
Cash Flow: $259,376
Year Established: 2001
Employees: 1

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