Dynamic Kitchen, Home Goods, and Consumer Electronics Retailer for Sale

This is a branded, high-growth e-commerce retailer that sells consumer electronics, kitchen, and home goods products primarily on Amazon.com. The company has an established account on Third-Party Seller Central with numerous best-seller badges and over 3,500 product reviews. Its smartly dialed product line is diversified, complimentary, and mostly free of seasonality. With an average ticket value of $25, the company has achieved consistent sales growth with great success, currently realizing a 250% YoY growth to date with only 10% ad spend. The business is fully Fulfilled by Amazon, needs only one labor-hour weekly to oversee with very low overhead and is easy to relocate. Its aim is easy and simple global expansion with an already established Amazon Seller account.


The company primarily sells its branded line of products using the Amazon.com Platform and its Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) logistics solution. The FBA model provides an entirely turnkey package from head to toe. The company’s ownership only needs to focus on growing the business while very little training is required to oversee the virtual assistant already in-place to handle all CSR and fulfillment needs. The business has an excellent $25 average ticket value, targeting mostly free of seasonality kitchen, home goods, and consumer electronics. The company has achieved great success with consistent sales growth, realizing a 250% YoY growth to date.

Fulfilled entirely by Amazon FBA, this business is easy to relocate and train and needs only one labor hour weekly to oversee with no warehouse or office footprint needed. The entire business is virtual, meaning it can be operated from anywhere, and is extremely adaptable and scalable.


The business primarily sells and caters to broad, open-ended buyer demographics with a diversified line-up of SKUs across multiple verticals that are free of seasonality. The company’s sales are mainly driven by Amazon, which has become the go-to place for commerce in the US market.

Currently, the company sells only in the US market. The business is ready for easy global expansion to other markets, such as Canada, UK, EU, and Asia with the power of an already established Amazon Seller account in good standing. Building out the brand’s offerings and stepping into new verticals will be a natural move for almost any new owner, along with additional channel diversification such as Wal-Mart, Jet, wholesale, and big box retail.

The company boasts 250% YoY growth to date on a mere 10% ad spend, indicating a matured brand with a proven track record and a highly turnkey back end.

The company mostly targets broad, open-ended buyer demographics, targeting home goods, kitchen, and consumer electronics enthusiasts or anyone else looking for quality products to compliment their homes.


The business has no in-house employees and needs only one labor hour per week to oversee its virtual assistants who handle all of its CSR and fulfillment needs. The model is well-structured and is fully dependent on Amazon FBA’s infrastructure.


The business operates in the kitchen, home goods, and consumer electronics categories with a diversified line-up of SKUs across multiple verticals already established. The e-commerce sector is a highly evolving marketplace that is experiencing significant growth. According to data from eMarketer, worldwide ecommerce sales are expected to grow 13.7% to $3.9 trillion in 2021. Examples of other ecommerce businesses in the same industry include QVC, Home Shopping Network, and Best Buy.


This business offers an almost entirely turnkey package, ready for scale, freeing the ownership to focus solely on growing the business. Even the most tacit paid advertising efforts stand to yield substantial incremental traffic for sales growth. With a diversified line-up of SKUs across multiple verticals already established, building out the brand’s offerings, stepping into new verticals, expanding into the global market, and channel diversification such as Wal-Mart, Jet, wholesales and big box retail are natural growth opportunities for any new owner.

Asking Price: $2,600,000
Gross Income: $3,050,527
Cash Flow: $869,953
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 1

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