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Profitable 5-Star Amazon & eBay Home Decor Company

This highly diversified, branded and growing eCommerce business specializes in unique, uncommon home decor and accessories, pitching multiple storefronts. The company manufacturers most of its products, resulting in higher margins and longevity. The business model needs only a few hours of maintenance per week, with 95% of product shipping remotely from suppliers. The company offers massive growth potential and scalability via eCommerce website, diversification, and products addition owing to minimal overheads.


The internet company developed a solid sales platform on its own organically ranked website, as well as on top-tier marketplaces, including eBay, Houzz, and Amazon.com, with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The diversified home decor and personal accessories in the existing assortment of consumer products provide a great deal of flexibility in capitalizing on year-round traffic, avoiding seasonality, and yielding a steady and predictable revenue stream.

95% of the product ships remotely from suppliers, direct to customer, making this is a low overhead eCommerce business with plenty of room available for additional cost-cutting.


Multiple top-ranked storefronts have effectively targeted a fast-moving and broad-appeal array of SKUs for their exceptional and unique home decor and accessories.

The company has capitalized on year-round traffic by developing a solid sales platform on its own organically ranked website and top-tier marketplaces, including eBay, Houzz, and Amazon.com. Multiple storefronts and a broad array of fast-moving SKUs with a broad appeal make this a turn-key opportunity that should not be missed.

Annual cash flow of over $45,000, well situated for qualified buyers to inject a mere 10% down payment into the transaction with the rest financed through the seller and lender, and ROI expected in less than a year.

The company targets customers with a taste for unique and uncommon home decor and accessories. It attracts loyalty from a growing number of people who want to own popular and unique home decor products that are not generic.


The company’s business model is easy to teach for virtually any buyer, with learning on how to identify products and market them on the hugely salient Houzz platform and Amazon platform from a successful seller.


Home decor and accessories sector is a crowded and highly competitive industry, estimated to hit $838.6 Billion by 2027, fueling growth in the e-commerce market. This company thrives on uniqueness and scarcity, avoiding commoditization of generic home accessories. Examples of unique product lines on their storefronts include; scarves, jewelry, candles, decorative pillows, and home goods.


The company is primed for 2017 and offers several avenues to scale, including growing the company’s online presence via its eCommerce website, diversifying or adding SKUs, or simply broadening existing supplier relationships by adding more offerings to the lineup.

Asking Price: $170,800
Gross Income: $89,517
Cash Flow: $57,712
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 1

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