Beauty & Personal Care and Pet Sector

A Successful Portfolio Ecommerce Company in the Pet Supplies, Beauty, and Personal Care Sectors

The Portfolio Ecommerce Company consists of three separate private label brands primarily serving the Beauty & Personal Care and Pet Sectors. The company offers various proprietary manicure and pedicure products, camping soap, nail fungus treatment oils, and Pet Supplies, including Dog Calming Chews, Cat Kidney Support, Dog Hip and Joint Supplements.


The company’s products are of a proprietary, refined design, minimising competition. The company’s inventory is placed with Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon warehouses and those of its suppliers; thus, inventory management is a non-issue. The seller has built a proprietary, fully branded line of products that are well diversified within several categories. Regarding scale, the company can be further developed in many ways, including expanding the product lines, eCommerce website, and growing the company internationally by using multiple Amazon FBA platforms located around the world.

The company has minimal requirements for warehouse space as it utilises Amazon’s FBA warehouses. These warehouses provide considerable advantage for product storage and distribution. Due to the absence of the overheard, capital expenditures and other management challenges of a warehouse, the company’s management has more investment and scalability opportunities.


The company’s key metrics are YOY sales growth exceeds 40%, multiple, branded products, high-profit margins when selling own, proprietary product lines, multi-year, double-digit growth rates, and a proven business model and product line.

The company has grown by more than 40% YoY, and its products are available worldwide on various online platforms such as Amazon. The company can extend its market reach by expanding into new markets using the current product lines or offering an expansion of the product lines, thereby increasing the revenue growth rate.

The company offers multiple branded products contributing to increased sales and revenue. The company’s proprietary product lines attract customers to its platform due to high-profit margins, and the multi-year, double-digit growth rates justify the validity of the business model.

The company has a strong online presence and attracts customers by offering unique proprietary products. The customers are predominantly beauty and pet enthusiasts who are loyal to the company’s products.


The company has one employee.


The ecommerce industry is on the rise, with more customers favouring cheap hassle-free online trading platforms. The increasing number of companies leveraging online platforms increases competition, causing the need for companies to develop customer-centric online businesses. eBay, Etsy, or Amazon are examples of companies that have leveraged eCommerce platforms, enhancing their business sales and growth.


The company can scale up production almost immediately, expand its eCommerce website, further develop and introduce an SEM plan, develop additional products and categories thanks to its existing vendors, and grow the company internationally by using multiple Amazon FBA platforms located around the world.

Asking Price: $1,225,000
Gross Income: $1,088,784
Cash Flow: $378,797
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 1

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