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Amazon Product Incubator: 60 Highly Successful ASINs in Multiple Categories with Massive Growth and No Concentration

Product Incubator on Amazon.com is a successful product incubator in the eCommerce space, operating in multiple verticals under one brand name. The company has mastered Amazon’s A-9 Search Algorithm and has a proven system for finding product opportunities and ranking them quickly on Amazon. With a focus on categories like Sports Equipment, Gifts, Toys & Games, and more, the company has consistently shown massive growth and is expected to generate $3.9M in cash flow in 2021. The business has opportunities for scale through additional product launches, expansion into other sales channels, and international markets.


The company’s operations revolve around researching and identifying product opportunities on Amazon, launching new products, and optimizing product listings to drive sales. They have a well-established system for selecting profitable products, creating keyword-focused content, and running effective advertising campaigns. The company’s operations have been highly successful, with every product launch achieving significant results and contributing to the company’s overall growth.

The company’s supply and logistics management involve sourcing, storing, and delivering products to customers. They have established partnerships with manufacturers, distributors, and logistics providers to ensure efficient and reliable supply chain operations. The company focuses on maintaining inventory levels, managing product fulfillment, and optimizing shipping processes to provide a seamless customer experience.


The company’s marketing strategy focuses on leveraging Amazon’s platform and tools to reach a large customer base. They utilize A-9 Search Algorithm optimization techniques, keyword-focused content creation, and targeted advertising campaigns to drive traffic and sales. Additionally, they plan to expand their marketing efforts to include affiliate and influencer marketing, as well as driving traffic to their branded website. The company also has opportunities to sell on other online marketplaces like Walmart and Target.

The company’s primary sales channel is Amazon.com, where they have established themselves as a high-profile 3rd party seller. However, they have plans to expand to other sales channels such as Walmart and Target. They also aim to drive more traffic to their branded website and explore affiliate and influencer marketing strategies. These growth initiatives will diversify their sales channels and tap into new customer segments.

The key metrics used to measure the company’s success include sales revenue, profit margins, conversion rates, sales velocity, and customer reviews. These metrics provide insights into the company’s operational efficiency, profitability, product performance, and customer satisfaction. The company closely monitors these metrics and uses them to make data-driven decisions to optimize their product offerings and marketing strategies.

The company’s customer base primarily consists of online shoppers, specifically those who purchase products on Amazon.com. They target a wide range of consumer segments, including sports enthusiasts, gift shoppers, toy and game consumers, and more. As the company expands its sales channels and reaches new international markets, their customer base will diversify and grow.


The company has a skilled and reliable team in place, responsible for product research, launch strategies, marketing campaigns, and overall business operations. Finding and retaining a skilled team is a critical aspect of the company’s human resources management. They have established processes for recruiting, training, and managing employees to ensure the company’s continued success.


The eCommerce industry is rapidly growing, driven by the increasing popularity of online shopping and the convenience it offers to consumers. Companies like Amazon have revolutionized the way people buy and sell products, providing a platform for businesses to reach a global customer base. Online businesses have the advantage of lower overhead costs, wider market reach, and the ability to scale quickly. The industry includes various sectors such as retail, electronics, fashion, home goods, and more. Examples of successful eCommerce companies include Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Shopify.


The company has significant scale opportunities through additional product launches and expansion into other sales channels and international markets. They have already achieved success in multiple categories on Amazon and plan to continue launching new products in 2021. They also have plans to sell on other online marketplaces and expand internationally to countries like Canada, UK, and various EU countries. These scale opportunities will enable the company to reach a broader customer base and drive further growth.

Asking Price: $13,500,000
Gross Income: $10,673,675
Cash Flow: $2,987,611
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 7

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