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Automated Online Lead Generation Platform with Home Services & Admin Panel

The target and its 2,500 Websites and Domains combines to drive over $8 Million in very profitable revenue by providing leads to a number of high profile websites in the home services space, including Home Advisor, Angies List, Porch and many more. The business has been in operation for just under 4 years and has grown considerably through the years. The company’s websites and associated landing pages funnel contractor leads via organic search and Pay Per Click Ads.


Lead Generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into services of another a business. Leads for this business are generated from a large number of websites that have been strategically developed from both an SEO and a Paid Media standpoint.

The company has developed an in-house lead administration tool to manage all leads that come in from the websites; the buyers at places like Home Advisor are contacted via an auction-type process over an API call. The highest bidder gets the lead.


The company operates with 8 staff members, including 3 owners, 1 developer and 4 lead managers / routers.

The company has significant growth opportunities in various industries, including real estate and the legal industry. By expanding its network of websites and landing pages, the company can attract more customers and increase its revenue. Additionally, partnerships with other lead generation platforms can also drive growth.

Over 1.6 Million Jobs have been submitted since inception.

The company’s customer base consists of homeowners in need of various home services, such as cleaning, repairs, renovations, and more. These customers rely on the company’s network of websites and landing pages to find reputable contractors for their needs.


The company operates with 8 staff members, including 3 owners, 1 developer and 4 lead managers / routers.


The home services industry is a highly competitive market, with various companies offering services such as cleaning, landscaping, plumbing, and more. This online lead generation platform provides a crucial link between homeowners and contractors, connecting them through its network of websites and landing pages. By generating high-quality leads, the company helps contractors find customers and grow their businesses. Examples of other companies in this industry include Home Advisor, Angies List, and Porch.


The scale opportunities for this business are substantial. By expanding into new industries and partnering with additional lead generation platforms, the company can increase its reach and revenue. For example, by entering the real estate market, the company can connect homeowners with real estate agents and facilitate the buying and selling process.

Asking Price: $19,000,000
Gross Income: $8,349,216
Cash Flow: $4,022,437
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 8

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