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Branded Women’s Swimwear Retailer – A Lucrative Business Opportunity

This unique ecommerce & wholesale retailer in the women’s swimwear fashion vertical is branded and features innovative patent-pending products. The company sells directly to customers via its highly polished website and a FIVE STAR Amazon storefront that are both organically ranked for the primary keywords associated with the product line. The company has been featured in Oprah magazine, The TODAY Show and ABC News and has capitalized on this desirable segment posture, enjoying year over year growth with ongoing scale.


The primary business operations of this ecommerce retailer is centered on selling its branded line of women’s swimwear fashion products via online channels. The company has also launched a wholesale program that enables it to hedge seasonal shifts in demand. The retailer has achieved high repeat buyer numbers at maximized margins and has seen ongoing growth in demand for its products.

The company currently focuses solely on the US domestic market and with U.S. and China Patents Pending thus far, is a branded line of apparel that is pumped and primed for Amazon market expansion into a dozen international markets – AU, UK, Eurozone, and so many more. Focused soley on the US domestic market, the company has also launched a wholesale program that enables it to hedge seasonal shifts in demand.


The company has not relied on paid advertising, SEO, or an active social presence to achieve its success. However, it has benefited from relationships with major media outlets, including Oprah and HSN. These relationships have helped to increase visibility and drive sales. The company’s branding and unique product concepts have also helped it gain a strong foothold in the competitive fashion and swimwear landscape.

The company primarily sells its products via online channels, including its own website and Amazon storefront. However, it has also launched a wholesale program that enables the retailer to hedge seasonal shifts in demand.

The retailer boasts an excellent average ticket price of $63 per sale and achieves strong repeat buyer numbers. The company has capitalized on its patented product concepts to achieve year over year growth and scale. The company’s innovative product offerings have also helped it to maintain high margins in a highly competitive market.

The retailer caters to a very specific – but broad-application vertical in the women’s swimwear fashion segment. Customers in this space are willing to pay top dollar for practical garments that deliver 2 products in 1 – their beach towel, and a flattering sarong. The company’s well-executed innovative product offers them exactly that, and has helped to build a loyal following among customers seeking stylish, affordable swimwear.


The business employs a team of three to manage its ecommerce and wholesale operations. This lean team has proven effective at managing the day-to-day operations of the business effectively, enabling the company to achieve strong financial performance with minimal overhead costs.


This online business operates in the women’s swimwear fashion segment, which is known for being highly competitive. However, the company has successfully targeted a specific segment of this market by offering innovative, patented products that combine a terry beach towel and a versatile cover-up. By capitalizing on the strong demand for these products, the retailer has been able to achieve year over year growth and scale.


This business is an excellent opportunity for a fashion portfolio to expand its operations or for a buyer looking for a nearly passive income stream. The business model and product concepts are well-established, and the company has already achieved significant year over year growth. The addition of Amazon FBA fulfillment would help to streamline operations and enable the business to continue its growth trajectory.

Asking Price: $375,000
Gross Income: $280,000
Cash Flow: $100,000
Year Established: 2012
Employees: 3

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