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Custom Fashion Jewelry Brand with 500+ Retailers and Strong Website Sales

This is a high-growth eCommerce retailer in the women’s customized fashion jewelry sector. It offers a unique jewelry line that highlights astronomical phenomena on specific dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries. The business offers necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more. Its products make for great gift ideas, and the company has built a fan base of over 135,000 Facebook and 86,000 Instagram Followers.


This eCommerce business largely utilizes its own branded website, which accounts for 75% of sales. The remaining 25% arise from the company’s wholesale channel, where it has partnered with over 500 retailers, boutiques, museums, fashion clothing stores, and jewelry stores throughout the nation. The company has also won awards for its unique product offerings.

The company maintains efficient logistics, with its products lightweight and compact to minimize storage and shipping costs efficiently. The low cost, high-margin product line helps keep risks associated with inventory management negligible.


This brand focuses on organic promotion through social media, where it has successfully built an engaged consumer fan base. Additionally, it has won awards for products and has plenty of PR opportunities. It has won numerous awards for its unique product offerings and enjoys a high 20% return customer rate on its eCommerce channel and a 96% reorder rate with its wholesale channel.

The business primarily focuses on direct sales through their website and wholesale distribution. However, there are numerous opportunities for potential growth, such as building additional influencer partnerships, developing segmented email campaigns, expanding paid media, and establishing pop-up retail shops.

The firm’s sales stem predominantly from its branded website coupled with a considerable wholesale channel. It can considerably cut down its expenses by 30% by lowering the associated costs through working with factories. The company has over 135,000 followers on Facebook and 86,000 followers on Instagram, growing every month. These metrics can be leveraged for future growth initiatives.

The brand has achieved tremendous success with its consumer base, with over 135,000 Facebook and 86,000 Instagram followers. It continues to achieve impressive YoY growth rates and has received numerous positive reviews for its unique product offerings.


The owner has built a turn-key operation consisting of 15 highly-skilled employees with SOPs and built-in redundancies. Ownership is focused on growth and new product development, whereas the team handles day-to-day operations. This allows any operator to take on the business with ease.


This company operates in the women’s customized fashion jewelry sector, catering to niche markets such as birthdays or anniversaries. Consumers have increasingly transitioned to purchasing gifts online, and the search-friendly product catalog simplifies the process, allowing the customer to sort the products by recipient, hobbies, and gift occasions. The industry is further growing rapidly, with a YoY increase in jewelry sales.


The brand has immense potential for development and expansion, with opportunities such as building additional influencer partnerships, expanding paid media, establishing pop-up retail shops, and markdowns of 30% possible by working with other vendors. Ownership has built a robust and efficient business model, with no technical background necessary to operate.

Asking Price: $13,500,000
Gross Income: $8,927,466
Cash Flow: $2,739,333
Year Established: 2012
Employees: 15

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