Exercise Resistance Bands

Explosive Growth of Branded Proprietary Fitness Gear Ecommerce Company

This ecommerce company has developed a highly proprietary assortment of products in the Fitness Gear Category such as Cell Phone Armbands, Exercise Resistance Bands, and Wireless Bluetooth Fitness Headphones. The company has a strong foundation and is ready to scale for many more years to come.


The company uses a laser guided approach to product choices and marketing, maximizing margins through volume by focusing all of their energy on ranking few products. They have generated significant growth with Amazon as their primary sales channel.

The inventory is already stored at Amazon which eliminates the need for an expensive warehouse move. This highly relocatable company can be operated from anywhere there is an Internet Connection.


The company sells its products via eCommerce and Amazon which have allowed them to bring awareness to the brand and generate growth. There is also an opportunity to sell through other eCommerce, offline retail channels, and various distribution channels.

The company’s primary sales channel is Amazon.com. However, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth by expanding to other eCommerce and offline retail channels, through various distribution channels, and internationally via Amazon’s FBA warehousing platform.The primary sales channels are eCommerce and Amazon.com.

The company has 18 SKUs currently offered for sale and Amazon Best Seller Tags. Using Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon program, the company can be operated from anywhere there is an internet connection.

The company sells primarily to fitness enthusiasts who are in the market for high-quality proprietary fitness equipment.


There are currently 1 employee at the company.


The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar market with high competition. Companies like Peloton, Athleta, and Lululemon have made their mark in the industry with their unique approaches such as immersive workouts, activewear, and cultivating a strong online community.


The company is highly scalable and has the opportunity to expand to other distribution channels, new product launches, and sales channel expansion.

Asking Price: $4,175,000
Gross Income: $3,727,521
Cash Flow: $1,013,634
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 1

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