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Growing a Profitable Floral Supplies B2B Brand Through Ecommerce and Wholesale Direct Sales Channels

This company offers over 10,000+ SKUs for retailers, with distinct brands for direct to consumer, wholesale, and e-commerce. They prioritize selling high-quality floral supplies to meet the demand for weddings, special events, and more. They provide customer service and have over 2,000 wholesale accounts.


This company uses three channels to make sales: direct B2B account sales, DTC e-commerce sales, and Amazon sales. The company’s sales are growing rapidly, and they source floral products worldwide to ensure great quality and variety. They excel in customer service, and their team of 23 employees handles all aspects of the business.

The business has a 99% satisfaction rating for in-stock items, and they have about $3.5 million in inventory. They import supplies from all over the world and deliver quickly with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).


Due to their success selling on Amazon, they have become a top exporter and offer thousands of products available through their shopping platform. The company today promotes products on Amazon, as well as their own website.

This company sells through three channels today, which include Amazon, DTC sales, and wholesale sales. They have significant opportunities for growth, such as further e-commerce expansion into leading retailers like Walmart and Target. Marketing channels like email campaigns and SEO on their site are untapped resources.

This company operates with a 100% Repeat Customer Rate for their B2B sales, and they have achieved a 25% growth rate during Q1 of 2022. They have been profitable for decades and generate $22.293 million in gross income, with a cash flow of $4.5 million.

This business serves wholesalers, big box stores, and smaller floral shops across the country and internationally. The company has never had a complaint nor a returned product.


The experienced team of 23 employees manages all aspects of the company’s tasks, ensuring reliability and efficiency in sales and fulfillment.


This business operates in the floral supplies industry, importing high-quality floral goods for their wholesale, direct sales, and e-commerce business channels. They cater to the growing U.S. floral and gifting industry, which generated $12.5 billion in revenue during 2021. The industry is expected to grow to $17.02 billion by 2027.


This company’s scale opportunities include launching additional online sales platforms on sites like Walmart and Target, in addition to a potential expansion into the live flower business. They also could expand their marketing beyond New York City and venture into all 50 states.

Asking Price: $27,500,000
Gross Income: $22,293,085
Cash Flow: $4,577,418
Year Established: 1915
Employees: 23

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