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Historic Men’s Hat Brand – Ecommerce Sales on Amazon & B2B/DTC – 500+ Active B2B Customers & 300+ Styles

This Men’s Hat Brand has been in business for over 75 Years. They manufacture all hats under their historic brand name and use a multitude of sales channels to maximize exposure, including wholesale distribution and online ecommerce.


The company has shifted from a primarily wholesale partner to an online retailer., the company’s branded website, and a secondary website are now the primary sales channels. They have 500+ active B2B customers and offer 300 styles of hats.

The company has strong supplier relationships and sources materials from the United States, Asia, Europe, and South America. They have an inventory valued at $1,000,000, which is included in the sale price.


The company markets its hats through various channels, including their branded website,, and social media platforms. They also leverage email marketing and influencer partnerships to reach a wider audience.

The company’s primary sales channels are wholesale distribution and online ecommerce. They have the opportunity to expand their direct-to-consumer sales by improving their online presence and marketing efforts. They can also explore new sales channels and partnerships.

Key metrics for the company include sales revenue, profit margin, customer acquisition cost, customer retention rate, and average order value. These metrics are used to track the company’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

The company has a diverse customer base, including B2B customers and direct-to-consumer shoppers. Their hats appeal to a wide range of customers, from business professionals to fashion-conscious individuals.


The company has an established and highly effective staff. The owner’s primary responsibilities involve overseeing departments, economic management, and product design. The staff handles most of the day-to-day operations.


The men’s hat industry is a niche market with a long history. This company’s brand has become iconic in the industry, and they have a loyal customer base. Examples of other companies in the industry include Stetson, Borsalino, and Goorin Bros.


There are scale opportunities for this business, including targeting female consumers, expanding into international markets, and launching new product lines. The company has already seen significant growth in earnings year over year.

Asking Price: $6,500,000
Gross Income: $4,248,956
Cash Flow: $1,415,465
Year Established: 1947
Employees: 40

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