blends of bodybuilding and fitness supplements

Performance Supplements Retailer with Established Amazon FBA Presence for Sale

This eCommerce business consists of two Sports Nutrition and Supplements Brands that sell proprietary blends of bodybuilding and fitness supplements through Amazon FBA, drop shipping, and wholesale distribution. The Brands have an industry-standard-setting market representation and global reach in major Internet Marketplaces. The company has also received approval to sell in GNC stores, which highlights its potential for rapid retail growth. The Brands yield strong year-over-year growth, an automated platform that facilitates scalability, and an efficient hybrid FBA and drop-ship model that allows for flexible fulfillment in domestic and international markets.


The turnkey platform is highly automated and designed to accommodate aggressive scalability. The efficient blend of FBA and drop shipping enables maximum margins and flexibility in both domestic and foreign markets. The platform has a five-star Amazon Seller Central account that ensures ideal traction in the highly competitive supplement segment.

The innovative blend of an FBA and drop-shipping model ensures the company has maximum efficiency and flexibility. The company can fulfill order deliveries effectively, with agility and flexibility in the US and international markets like the Eurozone and the Middle East.


The business has impeccable market branding and marketing materials to ensure new product releases and a vibrant social presence in the relevant channels. There is also top-shelf video footage and signed model releases to enable the creation of fresh content continually.

The Brands have received approval for selling through GNC stores, proving that they have immense growth potential in the retail market. The company can create a thriving presence in the space by augmenting as a bolt-on to an existing retail business.

This business has achieved tremendous success, grossing $732,124 in revenue with a cash flow of $476,027. With an asking price of $1,100,000, this branded Amazon FBA retailer in the performance supplements segment has many exciting opportunities.

The primary customers of this brand are those who are passionate about bodybuilding and fitness products. The company has a 20% repeat customer rate, which proves that its customer base is also loyal and highly engaged.


The business currently has three employees.


As people strive to embrace a healthier lifestyle, demand for sports nutrition and supplement products has surged. The industry is highly fragmented and extremely competitive. Major players like Optimum Nutrition, MuscleTech, and Dymatize dominate the market, but smaller specialty brands with unique niche products can become successful. The health and fitness segment is expected to see significant growth in the coming years.


This business has enormous growth potential for the new buyer due to its potent and comprehensive consumer product line. The company can expand its market share globally, streamline manufacturing operations, increase marketing efforts, and start private-label manufacturing for scaling the business.

Asking Price: $1,100,000
Gross Income: $732,124
Cash Flow: $476,027
Year Established: 2013
Employees: 3

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