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Thriving Hair Cutting Subscription Streaming Website with 700 Average Visitor Rate and 80% Retention Rate

This unique entertainment, production, and streaming company specializes in content related to hair cutting and hair-related products. The company boasts a subscriber base with an 80% retention rate and has earned a steadily growing average monthly visitor rate that currently sits at a comfortable 5,600+. With efficient operations, compelling content, and targeted marketing, the company is perfectly poised for long-term stability and growth within the industry.


This streaming site films, edits and crafts their own original content to continuously add to their offerings and ensure phenomenal production quality exclusively offered to their subscribers. Leveraging an interconnecting platform designed for long term use without the need for a development team or web hosting service, this company had their websites custom designed for lasting operation and easy scalability

Working regularly with a professional hairstylist, this production and streaming company films all their own content through a reliable and scalable framework and ensures timely content creation by hiring a video shoot coordinator to recruit in-screen talent. Independent contractors are hired to take care of the remaining needs of the company.


The company appeals to a powerfully engaged market and operates a highly ranked YouTube channel where they post promotional content as well as 3 successful Instagram accounts that are used for brand building, recruiting, and the creation of profitable hashtag content. The marketing strategies could be further bolstered with the creation of more social media pages on other channels such as TikTok, OnlyFans, Tumblr, and Pinterest for a higher market penetration with minimal additional ad spend.

With a steadily growing average monthly visitor rate, there are numerous opportunities to expand the company’s sales channels. An incoming owner could consider opening their platform further to capitalize on other niche video content segments to allow for audience and entertainment diversification, thereby delivering incredible new revenue streams.

The company has an 80% customer retention rate and a steadily growing average monthly visitor rate that currently sits at a comfortable 5,600+. Responsible for 97% of the brand’s current revenue, this company offers site subscriptions to users with new monetization options available such as on demand content, premium memberships, app development, and crowdsourced content.

With an audience highly engaged with hair cutting and hair-related products, this company has accumulated a vast database of more than 1,800 users that could be further upsold through options such as premium memberships and newsletter subscriptions. Email marketing campaigns could be used to market new content directly to their audience.


The company operates with a team of independent contractors to operate this highly profitable brand smoothly and effectively. The current owner spends only 6 weekly hours on operating this business while new video editing and posting, social media posting, newsletter creation, and promo video development tasks could be outsourced easily to an independent contractor to make this an entirely hands-off company.


This company operates in the entertainment, production, and streaming industry with a focus on hair cutting and hair-related products. The industry has grown rapidly in the last decade with the rise of online content consumption and present in mainstream platforms like Netflix and Hulu. The niche area of hair cutting has seen massive growth with innovations like live streaming and virtual try-ons providing opportunities to grow revenue through online sales and subscription-based models.


This already proven business could blossom into a phenomenally powerful moneymaker by optimizing this company operationally and through extended content creation. With incredible margins and ever-growing net profits, new monetization options available include on-demand content, premium memberships, app development, and crowdsourced content. With its outstanding scalability ability, this investment is an evergreen option for content creation, sharing and sales that could be an invaluable asset to any capable buyer.

Asking Price: $395,000
Gross Income: $208,237
Cash Flow: $194,237
Year Established: 2019
Employees: 1

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