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Digital Marketing Service Provider #1 in Miami Region

This is a leading-edge digital solutions company located in Miami offering content development, complete web design, and straightforward ranking and marketing services. They have a user-friendly traffic driving product array helping small business owners and enterprise-level firms to rank their businesses on the internet. The company employs a team of digital marketing professionals and has been ranked #1 in its region for the last 5 years.


This digital marketing firm has well-laid-out processes and procedures developed by its founders, which have yielded positive results, leading to shortlisting in the US Search Awards. The business has a subscription-based revenue model, meaning predictable revenue streams. The company sees 1,100 unique visitors per month and can immediately gain traction through paid marketing efforts.

The company operates in the digital space hence, has no logistical challenges.


This company has a diverse range of services, making it cater to both small businesses and enterprise-level companies. It has a high organic ranking, enabling potential customers to find its services with ease.

The company’s services can be marketed through social media campaigns, email marketing, and SEM/SMO efforts. The company can grow by adding monthly plans, hiring and creating a dedicated account sales team, increase sales by adding B2B accounts, expanding product and service lines.

The company’s top revenue-generating services are web design, complete SEO digital solutions, and content development.

The customer base of this firm are businesses of all scales requiring digital marketing services to improve their online presence, generate leads, and ultimately grow their businesses.


The company has a core in-house team of digital marketing professionals who constitute the core of this digital innovation house, and ownership invests only 10 hours weekly in overseeing this profit center.


Many businesses have turned to the digital space in the last two decades. The online marketplace is now the primary storefront for any customer, regardless of product/service offered, price range, demographic, or geolocation. With this in mind, the key to success in the digital space is organic ranking with real, live traffic clicks. The SEO services and software market continues to expand with demand growing, thanks to a mobile expansion of existing dot com storefronts. This is a growing and trending market that will continue to scale with demand for years to come.


The company has a high organic ranking and has immediate scale opportunities in great quantities. The company can increase exposure in terms of paid marketing, SEM/SMO efforts to promote the brand in new markets, expand its product lines, and create a tiered lineup of premium services.

Asking Price: $750,000
Gross Income: $518,203
Cash Flow: $379,158
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 3

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