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Premium Jewelry Brand with 20% Repeat Order Rate and Strong Social Media Following

This high-end men’s jewelry retailer is known for making every day extraordinary. With a focus on comfort and urban style, their stainless-steel rings and bracelets offer a unique self-expression. As the jewelry market continues to grow, they have built a loyal customer base in a traditionally women-dominated industry.


The company has benefited from the shift to eCommerce, experiencing 149% growth in the last year. Their initial Shopify stores in Germany, Italy, and France generated over $200,000 in revenue. They have since focused on their U.S. Shopify site, leveraging social media marketing and email campaigns to drive repeat business and increase customer lifetime value.

The company sells fully branded and proprietary products in customized packaging. They have successfully established supply and logistics channels to meet customer demand and deliver a luxury experience.


With a strong social media following of over 8,000 on Instagram and 2,800+ on Facebook, the company has successfully used PPC ads and targeted campaigns to reach their audience. Their email database of 38,000 subscribers contributes to 10% of monthly revenue. They have potential for growth by expanding their marketing efforts to other platforms and implementing a more aggressive email campaign.

The company primarily sells through their Shopify website but has the potential for growth by expanding to eCommerce giants like Amazon and Walmart. This would expose their products to a wider audience and drive sales growth.

Key metrics for this business include a 20% repeat order rate, a customer lifetime value of $53, and a monthly revenue contribution of 10% from their email database. These metrics demonstrate customer loyalty and the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

The company has a loyal customer base that values the luxury, excellence, and class associated with their brand. They have successfully targeted men in a traditionally women-dominated industry and have a repeat order rate of 20%.


The company has 1 employee managing operations and marketing. As the business continues to grow, there may be opportunities to expand the team to support scale.


The jewelry industry is projected to reach $480 billion by 2025. This business operates in the premium jewelry vertical, targeting men’s jewelry specifically. They have disrupted the traditional market dominated by women and have carved out a niche for themselves by offering unique, high-quality products.


There are several scale opportunities for this business, including implementing a more aggressive weekly email campaign, running PPC ads on platforms beyond Facebook, introducing SEO strategies, targeting influencers for tie-in campaigns, expanding product offerings, and potentially adding women’s jewelry to their lineup.

Asking Price: $1,100,000
Gross Income: $1,687,036
Cash Flow: $314,308
Year Established: 2020
Employees: 1

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