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SBA-Approved Technology Business Offering PBN Hosting, Backlink Sales, Domain Acquisitions and Domain Sales with 88% Margins.

This technology business offers Private Blog Network (PBN) Hosting, Backlink Sales, PBN Builds, Domain Acquisitions & Domain Sales with 88% Maragins. PBN Hosting is a list of unrelated sites all linking to one central domain to pass link equity to it and improve its rankings. The target platform is custom-built and has incredibly unique and powerful functionality added. The platform is connected to every website making it easy to manage. The AI logic is used to avoid footprint by assigning nameservers, CDN banks, DNS services, and modified SSLs. The app is marketed to both large and small customers.


The platform is custom-built, which has resulted in incredibly unique and powerful functionality being added. The dashboard is connected to every website giving an easier way to manage and operate. The app includes AI logic to avoid creating a footprint on the internet by assigning nameservers, CDN banks, DNS services, and modified SSLs. It is marketed to both large and small customers, and it saves them hours of manual work and spreadsheets.

Site backups are also built into the platform to protect client data, fully automated malware scanning, and a hardened firewall tuned for WordPress.


The Backlink sales and domain sales come from organic rankings, word of mouth, and existing customers of the hosting business. Currently, all sales made are organic. The company has used Google AdWords only to stay competitive. With the new site launch for this platform, it is primed for marketing campaigns.

The market domination would be an opportunity to go after and capturing 90% of the entire market is not an unreasonable projection.

The 88% Margins are the key metrics of this technology business.

Most customers are from the businesses sector and the remainder is made up of private individuals building affiliate sites for secondary income.


This online business is operated by one person and doesn’t take up more than five hours per week in its current format.


This business operates in the technology industry and has taken the PBN hosting, backlink sales, PBN builds, domain acquisitions, and domain sales to another level.


There are endless scale opportunities for a buyer with expertise in the niche. The software needs no additional features to be run highly efficiently by one person.

Asking Price: $1,600,000
Gross Income: $477,449
Cash Flow: $361,354
Year Established: 2020
Employees: 1

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