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Sport and Fitness Coaching Platform – Subscription Model

The SAAS training platform is a scalable and highly customizable online platform for sport and fitness training businesses. The platform can transform training from face-to-face to the online arena, thus making it possible for personal trainers to create a fully functioning business platform online where they can train many more clients virtually, and make much more money through scale. The company generates revenue on a subscription basis, making it a highly sought after business model with 95% profit margin.


The platform offers trainers a comprehensive and user-friendly online training program management system to enable them to communicate with their clients via video, emails, news feeds, and a proprietary mobile access app. The system ensures that the clients have all the data they need while being easy to interact with for trainers. The online platform also includes a payment feature that allows clients to pay for the service.

The SAAS Training Platform for Sport & Fitness Coaches doesn’t require any overhead costs, resulting in minimal logistics for the business. The subscription-based system means that users can access the platform with ease.


The platform demonstrates profitable growth on entirely organic traffic alone, with no paid advertising, no SEO, and no social media. The site is powerfully customizable for trainers in the fitness and sports industry and has an exceptionally broad client demographic for a subscription-based Internet Company.

The platform is accessed via subscription on the site, as customers pay trainers for access. Trainers use the platform to reach more clients and make more money, resulting in a significant potential for growth and scale.

Revenue comes in through subscriptions paid by trainers for the site’s use, and every time a client visits the site, revenue is generated. The subscription-based model has led to a 95% profit margin with profitable growth since the company’s inception.

The platform targets fitness and sports coaches, with a significantly broad client demographic making it a versatile platform for all types of trainers and clients.


The company has only one employee who is responsible for running the business. The current owner spends a mere 1-3 hours each week, making it easy for a new buyer to take over without needing to hire additional staff.


Online fitness training has seen significant growth in the last decade, with more people seeking to stay fit without physical gym visits. Sites like Health, MyFitnessPal, and Livestrong, among others, have taken over the health and fitness industry in the digital space.


With its scalable and highly customizable nature, the platform offers a significant opportunity for growth without the need for substantial investments in marketing or advertising. The current owner spends minimal time on the business despite its tremendous potential for growth.

Asking Price: $50,000
Gross Income: $57,439
Cash Flow: $53,419
Year Established: 2007
Employees: 1

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