cat playing with a Cat Grass Growing Kit

74% YoY Growth Cat Products Ecommerce Retailer with 2 Brands on & Branded Website Sales

This eco-friendly pet company carries 2 well-established eCommerce brands, offering an impressive Year over Year growth rate of 74%. The company sells everything from Cat Grass Growing Kits, Cat Litter Deodorizers, to Cat Lunch Boxes and Cat Purses. A portion of all profits are given to animal shelters and adoption agencies.


The company leverages its connections with and as well as its own branded website to manufacture and sell its products. The company operates on a 100% stock model, leveraging a small warehouse and Amazon FBA to fulfill orders.

The company designs, develops, and manufactures most of its products, which it stores in a small warehouse. It uses Amazon FBA to handle the shipping of its products and has 4 part-time employees to fill orders as needed.


The company relies on a balance of moderate Amazon PPC and strong organic growth. This leaves an immeasurable opportunity to scale through a multitude of untapped markets on social media, in brick-and-mortar storefronts, and through effective SEO initiatives.

The company currently sells its products on,, and its own branded website. Future growth opportunities include working with brick-and-mortar pet stores, expanding to other online marketplaces, and working on effective SEO initiatives.

The company has earned 95% positive lifetime standing with Amazon, which accounts for 78% of sales. The company’s repeat customer rate is strong, and it has shown an impressive Year over Year growth rate of 74%.

The company serves pet owners interested in eco-friendly and sustainable products for their cats. It has a strong repeat customer rate and a loyal customer base.


The company is run by 2 owners who spend around 35 hours per week handling daily planning sessions, customer orders, customer service, employee management, reviewing Amazon Sales, and preparing Chewy orders. The company currently employs 4 part-time employees.


The pet category as well as the green and gardening lifestyle are wildly popular on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. There is boundless ability to scale within a booming industry, this eco-friendly pet brand is perfectly positioned to grow reliably and rapidly as this market continues to expand.


With limitless opportunity to scale within a globally scaling industry, limitless opportunities exist to develop even more remarkable customer communities with the addition of social media. The company leverages its current connection with, and thus will be able to easily transition into big box pet stores and other online marketplaces, such as

Asking Price: $2,650,000
Gross Income: $2,169,721
Cash Flow: $625,438
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 4

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