happy child in a safe environment with baby safety gear

Secure and Stylish Baby Safety and Home Goods Ecommerce Store

The business sells baby safety gear and home and office goods, operating under three separate brands. The baby products focus on childproofing gear while the home and office goods products provide more diversity in the offerings. The business has a low to no seasonality adjustment due to evergreen daily use products, boasting a $19 average ticket value year-round. The company operates on a low overhead model as it uses Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon program for pick, pack, storage, and shipping needs. The company is situated for scale, expanding into almost any international channel, making it an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs of almost any skill level.


As an eCommerce business, the company operates via their website and Amazon storefront. The company operates on the Fulfilled by Amazon program for storage, shipping, and customer service operations.

The company uses Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon for pick, pack, storage, and shipping, eliminating the need for a controlled warehouse location.


The company primarily markets through their website, social media presence, and Amazon advertising.

The business has potential growth opportunities by expanding into Amazon Europe and Asian markets, wholesale brick & mortar, and other channels such as Jet.com or Walmart.com

Important key metrics include average ticket value, repeat customer rate, cost per acquisition, and conversion rate.

The customer base for the company is mainly parents with small children or those who need home and office goods.


The company only requires one employee as most of the operations are outsourced to Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon program


The industry is in eCommerce retail, focusing on baby safety gear and home and office goods. Examples of other businesses in this industry include Amazon, Walmart, and Jet.com. This industry is relatively new, with a shift towards online sales.


The company provides an opportunity to scale by expanding their three current categories into almost any international channel.

Asking Price: $599,000
Gross Income: $904,056
Cash Flow: $188,223
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 1

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