luxury men's watch on a suit cuff

A Glimpse Into An Established Luxury Watches Ecommerce Site

An established ecommerce retailer specializing in men’s luxury watches. The company offers a comprehensive lineup of hand-picked watches from suppliers, requiring minimal overhead and time investment. The company has healthy margins in a high barrier to entry market.


The business has a modernized Shopify storefront that is organically ranked with highly effective targeted marketing measures in place.

The company has a streamlined supplier chain with minimal overhead and a highly profitable business model.


The company is primed to immediately scale into and beyond. It requires minimal time investment and no head count, making this suited to an Amazon FBA model and adding additional SKUs from existing suppliers.

The business is set to immediately scale into and can add additional SKUs from existing suppliers. The business has already scaled since inception and continues to grow through its established marketing strategy.

The company has healthy cash flow and an aged domain ripe for a brand play. With financing terms where the seller holds 50% down and accepted price / terms.

The company has a loyal customer base of luxury watch enthusiasts that are active purchasers from the business.


The business only has one employee, requiring minimal head count and no office/warehouse to manage.


The online luxury watch industry is a high-demand, high value market. This business has carved out healthy margins in a space known for its high barriers to entry. The market is growing constantly as the demand for luxury goods continues to increase with rising global wealth.


New ownership can scale the business through additional SKUs from existing suppliers and expanding the current marketing strategy. An acquisition of this company allows a buyer to take on a healthy cash flow and aged domain that is ripe for a brand play.

Asking Price: $525,000
Gross Income: $706,000
Cash Flow: $176,000
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 1

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